Lowe predicts another double for Mercedes

Paddy Lowe predicts another double for Mercedes

Paddy Lowe predicts another double for Mercedes

The 2019 cars have yet to be unveiled but former Mercedes technical boss Paddy Lowe is already predicting another season that belongs to Mercedes as they will be “very difficult” to beat.

Last season Mercedes raced to their fifth double on the trot, beating Ferrari to both championships.

While the Scuderia seemed to have the upper hand in the first part of the season, Mercedes not only won the development war but also kept their heads when the pressure was on.

As such Lewis Hamilton became a five-time World Champion and Mercedes won the Constructors’ for the fifth successive year.

Lowe, who is now with Williams, reckons a sixth double could be on the cards this season.

“It’s always very difficult to maintain motivation to continue to win when you’ve already been doing it,” he told RaceFans.net.

“I think that’s a problem we already faced when I was there before.

“I think they have the right approach to it so I think they’re going to be difficult to beat.

“We saw that again [last] year.

“I think it was a competition between two teams and two drivers and the better ones won, of each, because you saw the cracks appearing eventually in the opposition.

“Mercedes is a great team. I know how good it is.

“It will be very difficult for anyone to beat them.”

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