K-Mag: A ‘big difference’ when following

Kevin Magnussen has seen a big difference in his ability to follow cars in 2019.

Kevin Magnussen has seen a big difference in his ability to follow cars in 2019.

Haas’ Kevin Magnussen has seen a “big difference” in his ability to follow cars with the new-spec 2019 aero package.

Wider front and rear wings have been introduced this year to allow cars to follow each other more effectively in a bid to boost overtaking.

Drivers, mechanics and principals across the paddock have been sceptical about the effectiveness of the updates, but Daniel Ricciardo revealed a scenario he encountered in testing last week which gave him hope that they would work.

Now, Magnussen has shared a similar experience, leading him to believe the new designs have allowed for a huge improvement on his ability to follow other drivers.

Speaking via Motorsport.com, he said: “I followed a car today and you know it really really feels a lot better than last year.

“There were so many people, even guys from here, that when the car was just in the wind tunnel and before we put the cars on track, a lot of people were saying that it wouldn’t make any difference.

“But following a car today I felt a big difference. You know, it felt completely different. I could actually follow. I was a lot faster than the guy I was following and I passed him…

“The lap that I caught him, I got past him. And I must have been around two seconds faster, in which case you would have also passed him last year, I think. But it just felt very, very… feeling the car behind the other car felt different. Much better.”

Magnussen showing off the Haas VF-19 ahead of testing

After following the other car for one and a half laps, the Danish driver spoke of how his Haas was less unstable than in 2018.

“The whole car just feels more consistent and stable behind another car,” he explained.

“So I am looking forward to see if other tracks are the same.

“There are always different factors that you might have overlooked, so you come to another track and it might be different, but the first signs are good I would say in this following aspect.”

He even suggested that the rule changes could be too effective.

“Maybe it’s too much! So now that we have this bigger rear wing it’s too easy to pass and we won’t see racing any more!”

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