Magnussen: Crazy to think other cars are faster

Kevin Magnussen: Crazy to think other cars are faster

Kevin Magnussen: Crazy to think other cars are faster

Kevin Magnussen qualified his Haas in seventh place for Sunday’s Australian GP, and reckons it is “crazy” to think that other cars are faster than his Haas.

The Danish driver will line up seventh in Melbourne, one place behind his team-mate Romain Grosjean as Haas finished qualifying best of the rest.

But while Magnussen’s 1:22.099 was a good time, it was 1.613s slower than pole sitter Lewis Hamilton’s best.

“I think, generally, all the cars are stronger than last year,” Magnussen said.

“It’s a very good car and it’s crazy to think that there are other cars that are faster than this. It feels very, very, very fast.”

Pace aside, Magnussen wasn’t happy with his final hot lap, saying there was more in the Haas than what his time suggests.

“It was a shit lap,” he said. “I think the car, I didn’t get it at all out of it, what I should have.

“I made a big mistake in Q1 which meant I had to use another set to get through — and then it means you only have one set for Q3, which is crazy because we should have been so easily through on just one set in Q1. So that was my bad.

“Then you do a lap and you only have one shot in Q3 and that wasn’t too pretty, so I think the car is pretty good. Very happy with the starting point and the car the team has given to start the season.

“It’s hard to say (how much time was lost but) I think a couple of tenths, easily. I braked too late into Turn 6 and luckily the car has good grip so just turn in anyway and get back on the power but I lost quite a lot of time there. Sector 3 was good though, made some time back.”

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