Aston Martin will have a tougher time in 2021

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Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin are predicted to struggle in 2021, plus thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s SPOTY win and Sergio Perez.

Another edition of mailbox has been delivered…

Vettel set for more struggles at Aston Martin

Chillzone: I think RP (Aston Martin) will have a tougher time next year, they won’t be able to copy and paste a pink W11, and Vettel’s going to have to fight it out mid-pack, and that’s never been his forte. My money is on McLaren to be the strongest Merc customer team for ’21. Good luck to him, but there will be many hungrier drivers who make fewer errors fighting for those positions.

Sebee: No, it’s fair to say. Vettel has made mistakes. He’s not some flawless person. However, he has done many things right and has certainly earned a level of respect.

I’m not going to lie; I find Vettel one of the most likeable drivers on the grid personally because of his priorities – family, privacy. He doesn’t care for social media; he doesn’t crave attention. I respect his approach to things on a human level. He tells it how it is, and tells it intelligently.

I also find Albon highly likeable. Considering Max tends to come across a bit entitled, rude, spoiled, Albon was a breath of fresh humble air on that Red Bull Team. On a human level, Albon came across very likeable. You certainly saw why he doesn’t fit on Red Bull with that whole Max rant, where after using profanities or significant insults he doubled down that he doesn’t care who he offended, and Horner protected him, covered for him, and in essence enabled the behaviour. Red Bull like to be extreme and edgy – even if it’s wrong.

Hamilton wins SPOTY

Canadarocks: Well done to Lewis on the award for the second time. It seems the British people do appreciate his talent after all. Guy has done well for himself, and I have full admiration for what he has achieved. I know Michael would be proud of him, as well. Keep fighting MS.

SDH: Congratulations Lewis, the most successful racing driver in history, deserves the SPOTY recognition.

JLS: From reading most of the comments discrediting Hamilton, it appears the number one reason stated is his lack of fighting a world-class teammate for the WDC. However, Schumacher, Alonso, Kimi, Button and Vettel never faced a WDC or real world-class teammate when they won their WDCs.

It seems somewhat disingenuous and hypocritical to apply this double standard to only Hamilton. In fact, Hamilton is the only driver this century to win the WDC with a teammate who also won the WDC. He’s also the only driver this century to win in a car that didn’t win the WCC. This argument for discrediting him just doesn’t hold up.

Perez just keeps on growing

Javi: It’s interesting how people make “conclusions” based on how a driver did a decade ago or whatever.

Drivers are not static things like rocks (not even rocks are static!). Drivers develop their craft over the years for good or bad.

Perez is a different driver to he was a decade ago, even different to three years ago!

I remember the first year he faced Hulk, who’s one of the fastest one-lap drivers, he was owned in quali, but in the following years, he improved a lot and got almost even at the end.

It seems Perez is a talented, hard-working driver who keeps learning and developing his craft. Judging him by what he did years ago does not make much sense.

Ian Laidler: Not sure about being put on edge but I think Verstappen will find Perez a more difficult driver to deal with than he has been used to since Ricciardo left Red Bull, but whatever happens having two talented drivers can only be good news for the team, nothing against young Albon but he really underperformed this season.

Twin_Keel: He [Perez] is a good driver and deserves a top seat. Max will be the clear number one, but he will understand what competition looks like again. Perez will wring the neck of that Red Bull next year, so Max needs to bring his A-game.

Downforce: Perez is a reliable driver and good at getting a car to the end of a race, but he’s not in Verstappen’s league.

Le Jimster: Max has had five years in a car capable of podiums and wins. As good as the Racing Point was this year it’s not on the same level that Max has been enjoying. Next year he hopefully gets his first taste of a race-winning car. I will reserve judgement on how good he is until then, you could be right, but he might just surprise us all.

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