Is Ricciardo on top rung of driver talent?

Jon Wilde
Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen on the podium after the Eifel Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen on the podium after the Eifel Grand Prix

Just how good a driver is Daniel Ricciardo?

Top level, and a potential World Champion in the right car, or a notch or two below Lewis Hamilton and perhaps also Max Verstappen?

PlanetF1 readers have been airing their views on where the popular Aussie stands among his peers, while also weighing up the merits of the sport’s two seven-time World Champions…and throwing in Juan Manuel Fangio for good measure.

You can keep the [civil] conversation going in the comments section below. Feel free to get anything else F1-related off your chest as well and we may feature your thoughts in a future edition of our mailbox.

Is Ricciardo tier one?

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Andras Feszthammer: Ricciardo is up there with Max and Leclerc. And currently none of them are up to Hamilton’s level. At least not yet.

Luigi Mangiapane: Daniel has proved to be as fast as anyone on the grid today. And to be honest probably second to Max as it relates to that killer instinct! Lewis has had it to easy after Nico left so he has forgotten how to race hard, he hasn’t needed to. Charles is probably the most calculated. I would take Daniel any day, great attitude, lighting fast, team player with zero political baggage. Great driver! –

Mistery: Maybe, tier one but not in Hamilton’s and Max category I think. He sure is top notch. Much better than Vettel? Maybe, hard to say. But I don’t think Mclaren will be up front next year. Their intergration of the engine would have to be perfect from day one and I think that is not going to happen.

Sidharth Sathian: Well… I would like to politely disagree. He is definitely a Tier 1 driver and much better than Vettel. Its just that he never really had a good enough car so far in his career to win championships. Next year with the rejuvinated Mclaren he will show his mettle. If Max can come near him in 2021 I’ll admit that they are on the same level.

JPSSenna: Dan is probably the 1st on my list for drivers to have a beer with. Mansell, pure entertainment on track he was electric to watch but off of it

Hamilton or Schumacher?

Michael Schumacher Lewis Hamilton PA
Being “positively dissatisfied” is what drove Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton to their seven World Championships apiece.

Revolver: No way Hamilton is Schumi’s equal when he wasn’t even Button’s equal when they were team-mates. It appears that DC and Rubens are still quite salty about the times Schumi used to dominate them.

Fernando Alonso: Schumacher worked his way up with Ferrari, Hamilton has never had to do that, he just got handed top 2-3 cars on a plate and then the best set of cars ever.

Londonbarnes: Some people deny Lewis is the GOAT. Some people deny Trump lost the election. Says a lot about some people.
Jeff Walker: This is very much a LeBron vs Jordan debate. And I think the answer is, they were the best of their era.

Floyd Mago: Schumi started from scratch and climbed his way from that wretched Jordan. Also built the teams his with into dominant teams. Hamilton started with the fastest car from the get go and equipped with a competitive Mercedes engine all his F1 life. Any calibre driver with the kinds machinery Hamilton lucked into would get the kind of records he has. But no one has that been fortunate as him lucking into God cars far longer than any other driver. So sad even that he got beat by Button and Rosberg.

…or Fangio?

Fangio for Daniel Ricciardo mailbox

Kershuffle: To win one WC back then was an achievement (heII, surviving a season was an achievement), but five!!!

Richard Smith: I wish these comparison comments would just go away. Its difficult enough to even compare Schuey to Lewis let alone Hamilton to Fangio. There is absolutely NO comparison possible. Even what constituted a WDC is vastly different. Best is to say that Fangio was the greatest of his era.

Glyn Ruck: Fangio is certainly an icon but he jumped from best car to best car & even his team mates car. Different times & few GP’s. Hamilton is the greatest of the ‘modern’ era. And yes, a better WDC x 7, than Schumacher.

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