How much is Lewis Hamilton really worth to Mercedes?

Mark Scott


With Lewis Hamilton’s new contract still yet to be announced, readers discuss just how much can one star driver really be worth.

Plus there is sympathy for poor Alex Albon and plenty of chat regarding Pirelli’s 2021 tyres which have been widely criticised.

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Does Lewis Hamilton need more money?

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Richard Gosling: Seriously – How can Lewis Hamilton ever spend the amount of money he’s earning? He’s got so much money, what does he need even more for?

If half his salary were split between everyone working at Brixworth and Brackley they’d all get £10,000 extra a year, and it’d make more of a difference to every one of their lives than losing £20 million would to Hamilton.It shows an utter disconnect with the real world for a man earning so much to be haggling for even more.

Mar Harold: It’s not about the money per se, it’s about the fairness, surely. If Lewis Hamilton is paid $20 million instead of $40 million, it would not impact the salaries of the employees at all, would it? So it’s about whether a driver’s market value is artificially suppressed so that a company like Daimler can make more money.

A driver’s value is very different for Williams than to a works team too, where the value goes way beyond the prize money. Who can put a price on marketing and advertising? David Beckham reportedly was paid $160 mill for becoming the face of Adidas, Beyonce was paid $50 mill by Pepsi. Etc.

Nikolas Johnson: Maybe he has business aspirations, maybe he has a plan for that extra 20 million a year. If he’s putting money into his own business or investing in someone else’s he’s also making a difference that’s arguably bigger than just giving everybody at the factory 10k extra a year, which likely wouldn’t go to the employees anyway, it’d be used to line the pockets of executives who need the money even less than Hamilton does.

This is something that I don’t get. Most everybody agrees about how greedy corporations are. But the instant a star athlete or celebrity has the audacity to ask for more money, a lot of people essentially become shills and lobbyists for the same corporations.

But I get it, nobody thinks of the poor executives and shareholders who are the ones that’ll benefit from Hamilton taking a cut in pay. I question his need for another 20m too, but that doesn’t mean I’d deny him the right to try to make that money.

Simon Smith: It’s not about what someone else thinks, in their perspective, is ‘enough’. It’s about paying the value of what’s on offer. What if someone on the other side of the world declared that you earning £300 per month was enough for a full month’s work. Your value is way more than that, but because someone who is unconnected to you declared what is ‘enough’ for you, they get to set a limit on your pay.

People’s worth is what someone is willing to pay. Especially when it comes to the top tier of a multi-billion dollar sport/entertainment business. If someone wants to pay Max £50M to race for them, then that’s his worth because that’s what someone is willing to pay. There is no good justification to put an artificial, arbitrary cap on that.

Potato: The thing is when you work for a company like Mercedes that is currently cutting its workforce due to the worldwide economic situation you cannot then expect that company to increase your 30 million pound salary especially if you are the companies most well known employee. That would be a PR disaster for Mercedes.

Sympathy for Albon

Edward Jones: Feel bad for Albon, that car is clearly unstable, Max spun at the final corner and avoided the barriers. Albon [was] not so lucky.

Mercedes look too quick here unsurprisingly since it [Bahrain] is a power circuit that rewards engine power.

I predict a Merc 1-2 with Perez getting the final place on the podium ahead of Max and Ricciardo. Obviously, Hamilton will take pole,win and probably fastest lap as well.

Tyre change

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Eric Monaco: Those tyres will be great they just haven’t been taken through their paces in hot weather. The next batch will probably be more of the drivers liking. I like the gumball look which looks grippy; they will get it together soon. Might be record-setting tyres in 2021.

Eli Anselmi: They keep trying to come up with compounds that will degrade quickly, all it does is create high numbers of laps that the drivers are just “parading around” to save and protect the tyres, then go full out for 1 to 3 laps and tyres are done.

What about making a tyre that will last 15 to 25 laps at full speed, getting the drivers to race for an extended period of time instead of “saving the tyres” that will make a difference! That will impact the racing.

Now we just have 30-40 laps of drivers just parading around to save the tyres because they don’t last at all, just make the different compounds, make them last, and mandate the use 2 or 3 of the compounds per race!

Boss: This is the biggest issue in F1 at the moment. Not Mercedes domination, not cars struggling to stay behind one another. It’s this.

It has been the main issue since 2011. We shouldn’t have to watch drivers tiptoe around the track, they should be racing hard for the whole race. If we got that, we would see more errors from drivers and their true speed and potential. Plus it would allow drivers to stay behind one another for longer, resulting in more overtaking chances.

Far too many ‘fake’ overtakes from fresher rubber. But to the casual fan, it would look like a real one. No idea why there isn’t a push for harder rubber.

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