Major Aston Martin upgrades revealed as they break cover in Montreal

Henry Valantine
Upgraded Aston Martin sidepods in the pit lane. Canada June 2023.

A close-up of the upgraded Aston Martin AMR23 in the pit lane. Montreal June 2023.

Aston Martin have revealed several major changes to the AMR23 as they bring upgrades with them to the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend.

The FIA’s document detailing each of the team’s upgrades has been released, but it was Aston Martin who raised eyebrows in the paddock for the tweak in design philosophy they have appeared to have made this weekend in Montréal.

The team confirmed they have introduced an updated floor first of all to the AMR23, but a more visible difference is also in place with bodywork changes on the undercut behind the sidepod inlets, and a new engine cover to boot.

These now mirror the approach taken by Red Bull and Ferrari on that area of the car – with the Scuderia having changed shape in Barcelona last time out – by deepening and widening the undercut around the sidepods, making it a more aggressive approach from the team on the AMR23.

This new part has been introduced with the aim of improving airflow as the car moves, and Aston Martin described the change to the car as being “a small evolution of the current philosophy improving the interaction with the rest of the car.”

While the floor changes are unlikely to be seen by the wider public without an undignified Monaco-esque crane-assisted exit from the track, the upgrade there has been described as improving local load by “redistributing the flow between floor fences to achieve better performance through the operating envelope”, hinting at tweaks to how materials are placed underneath the car to control how air interacts with the car.

With Mercedes, Ferrari and Alpine among others having already made significant changes to their car in 2023, Aston Martin’s sidepod change in particular is the first big change they have made themselves, having opted for evolution rather than revolution so far this year. recommends

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Besides Aston Martin, who else has brought upgrades to Canada?

Ferrari confirmed they did not bring any car improvements with them to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve this weekend, and they are the only team to have brought nothing with them.

Several teams have brought minor new parts, with Red Bull and Mercedes each adding one new part each, with Red Bull bringing a revised front wing and Mercedes adding a further tweak to their new-look sidepod concept by removing a winglet in order to reduce drag.

Alpine have made changes to their rear wing and rear suspension, as well as revised front brakes in order to improve cooling, and Alfa Romeo brought a circuit-specific part for their rear brakes to try and keep them cool themselves, with AlphaTauri’s only change also being specific to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, with a changed front wing.

McLaren have brought a new rear wing and beam wing with them to Montréal, to try and bring further efficiency to the back of the MCL60.

Haas have a revised floor for their car, with a floor edge change which the team say is “one of the most significant for the correct working of the entire floor”, and they claim will “significantly benefit” the aerodynamic efficiency of the VF-23.

Last but not least, while they only have them on Alex Albon’s car, Williams have the longest list of upgrades of any team by quite some distance this weekend.

A total of seven different parts of the FW45 have been listed as having updates placed upon them, including a revised floor, as well as new sidepod geometry, engine cover, rear suspension, rear wing, Halo tweaks and changes to the rear brake ducts.