Major detail of Red Bull’s junior team’s collaboration car revealed

Michelle Foster
AlphaTauri AT02 and Red Bull RB19 on display at a fan event in Japan.

AlphaTauri AT02 and Red Bull RB19 on display.

Red Bull will not have four RB20s on the grid next season as their junior team will not copy the Adrian Newey designs, only drawing inspiration from them.

Red Bull announced earlier this year that its yet-to-be-named-for-2024 junior team will have closer ties to the championship-winning outfit with Helmut Marko declaring that going alone with the car is no longer working for the junior team.

“The orientation is clear: based on Red Bull Racing, as far as the regulations allow. Do-it-yourself constructions are the wrong way,” he told Austria’s Kleine Zeitung earlier this year.

A ‘significantly revised chassis’ is on the cards

This led to suggestions Red Bull’s junior team could run this year’s championship-winning RB19 while others claimed Formula 1 could see four RB20s on the grid.

That, though, is impossible given Formula 1’s regulations only allow teams to buy certain parts from rivals. The rest has to be their own IP.

As such, next year’s car will not be a “copy-paste” but it will have the RB19’s “pull-rod front suspension” reports

According to the Italian publication, the ‘car that will debut in Bahrain is already largely defined in its aerodynamic guise, resulting in an important development of the AT04 that raced at the end of 2023.

‘Although there are rumours that speak of a strong familiarity with the RB19, which dominated the world championship just concluded, in reality, the AT04 will not be a faithful and total revival of its sister, however, the new ex AlphaTauri will have an aerodynamic imprint of the Red Bull school, especially at the front.

‘The main innovation compared to 2023 will be the introduction of mechanics entirely made in Milton Keynes, with the implementation of the front suspension of the RB19.’

Using the RB19’s pull-rod front suspension, the junior team’s car will ‘have a slightly lower front center of gravity and a significantly revised chassis. The body, in addition to being prepared with new attachments to house the new suspension layout and the related steering column, will have a more keel shape in the lower front section, just like the RB19.’ recommends

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It had been suggested by McLaren team boss Andrea Stella that the collaboration between Red Bull and its junior team was already evident in 2023 as the latter made big gains late in the season.

Jumping from 10th to eighth in the Constructors’ Championship the 2023 AT04 finished the season as one of the best cars in slow-speed corners, a strength of the Red Bull RB19.

Speaking to the media including at the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner quashed talk of a copy-paste car.

“We’re an awfully long way away from a pink Mercedes,” he said.

“There’s some transferable components that are clearly listed within the regulations that you’re allowed to supply. And that’s what they get.

“When you look at the car, there’s quite fundamental differences between their car and a Red Bull Racing car. And arguably, there’s other cars on the grid, which are far closer in concept than an AlphaTauri is.

“You’ve only got to look at an Aston Martin or even a McLaren. If you look around the rear suspension of McLaren, it’s very close in concept to that of our own.”

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