Surer: Mick will become ‘good driver’, maybe champion

Michelle Foster
Mick Schumacher getting ready. Imola April 2022

Haas driver Mick Schumacher getting ready, putting in ear plugs. Imola April 2022

Mick Schumacher will in time become a “good driver” but Marc Surer doubts a World title awaits Michael Schumacher’s son.

But, he adds, one can never say never.

Last time out at the Miami Grand Prix, Schumacher broke into the top 10, not in the points but on the list of drivers to have made the most starts without scoring a single point.

The Haas driver is up to 26 starts without a point, although he is still a long way off Luca Badoer’s record of 50.

“He will be a good driver. I would doubt whether he will become World Champion, but I wouldn’t rule it out,” Surer, a former driver turned pundit, told

Adding insult to injury, Schumacher joined that top-10 list in Miami when he crashed out of a points-scoring position.

The German had been running inside the top 10 when he hit Sebastian Vettel as he tried to retake the position the Aston Martin had just taken from him.

Had Schumacher stayed behind Vettel, he still would have scored.

“The main mistake was Mick’s,” said Surer. “He was rattled there.

“Vettel was in front and has to give in at some point. He can’t continue straight just because Mick might be half off.”

The Swiss commentator, though, says there were positives to take from the weekend as the 24-year-old was faster than Kevin Magnussen and “nobody can take that away from you”.

The other upside to the situation is Schumacher showed during his time in junior series he improves in his second season.

“That was also his strength in the lower formulas,” says Surer, adding that “in the end he won races and the championship – and that’s how I see it now”.


Surer added: “At the beginning, he had a huge gap to Magnussen, who had more experience, knew the team. That was of course an unfair comparison.

“But he has worked it out now, is becoming more constant – and it’s more Magnussen who has fluctuations. That’s why I think it’s nice that Mick will be in a faster team the whole year.”

Schumacher is one of only two drivers yet to score a point this season, the other being Nicholas Latifi.


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