Mark Webber outlines the one reason F1 fans disregard Red Bull’s success

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Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

Mark Webber wonders if Sebastian Vettel regrets multi-21, but said he was no"angel" either.

Only the fifth team to hit triple digits in F1 race wins, Mark Webber reckons his former team Red Bull would receive more praise for their success if they were a works team.

Red Bull wrote their names into Formula 1’s history books at the Canadian Grand Prix when Max Verstappen brought home the team’s 100th grand prix win.

That also meant the reigning World Champion took another leap towards a third successive World title as he extended his advantage over his team-mate Sergio Perez to 69 points. And all this was done as Red Bull bagged their eighth win of the season, a perfect record.

But for a team “too easily seen as the bad guys”, as Christian Horner put it, or the “energy drinks company” that’s “competing against iconic brands like Ferrari and Mercedes”, Webber doesn’t believe Red Bull always get the credit they deserve.

“If they had been a works team, they might have received even more praise,” the Aussie, who won nine of the team’s 100 races, told recommends

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Webber raced for Red Bull from 2007 to 2013 where the Aussie was team-mates with Sebastian Vettel during the German’s run of four successive World titles from 2010 to 2013.

In those four years, Webber helped Red Bull secure the championship double.

This season the team is chasing their second consecutive double and third Drivers’ title with Webber applauding them for creating a “beautiful” and “dominant” F1 car.

“It is still essentially a team made up of fantastic individuals and people who have done a great job to create a beautiful Formula 1 car that can compete for World Championships, which is dominant in so many ways,” he added.

“They have put a lot of effort into this sport. The staff and infrastructure in Milton Keynes is testament to how well they manage.

“The commitment they have shown, both towards their employees and the sport, has also been very good. A lot of people have come and gone.

“People sometimes forget that the amount of work that Red Bull has done is extraordinary.”

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Verstappen’s latest win in Canada saw the Dutchman cross the line just under 10 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso with Lewis Hamilton third.

Speaking to the media after the race, the Mercedes driver said: “It’s likely that they will win every race, moving forwards, this year, unless the Astons and us put a lot more performance on the cars, or their car doesn’t finish.”

That was put to team boss Horner with the Briton telling Sky Sports: “Can we? Yes. Will we? Who knows, because there are so many variables in this game.

“The whole team is doing an incredible job, Max is driving out of his skin as well at the moment, so collectively, the group have done a tremendous job.

“To get a century of victories is an incredible achievement for all the people back at the factory that put in all the long hours.

“100 races is a lot, but 100 wins is 27% of all the races that we’ve entered.”

No team has won every race of a season with McLaren coming the closest in 1988 when Alain Prost and Senna won all but one of 16 rounds.