Marko: Ferrari are top of current pecking order

Dr Helmut Marko: Ferrari are top dogs

Dr Helmut Marko: Ferrari are top dogs

Red Bull motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, has put Ferrari top of the pile based on what he has seen at testing so far.

Ferrari have certainly been the keenest of the top three teams to show some early pace, with Mercedes staying well hidden on the timesheet especially over the course of the first three days of testing.

Red Bull, meanwhile, have also been a little on the quiet side as they clock up those all-important first miles with the new Honda engine.

Marko has been a keen observer out on track at the Circuit de Catalunya and, in his view, Ferrari are the ones who are indeed setting the early standard with the SF90.

“What I saw out on the circuit, Ferrari for sure at the moment is the fastest car,” Marko told Sky Sports F1.

“Then behind that it is Red Bull and Mercedes, so let’s see what we can do until Melbourne.

“But we are quite optimistic that this year we can win races from our strength and not only at specialist circuits like Monte Carlo and Singapore.”

Christian Horner: No Honda issues
Christian Horner: No Honda issues

There had been rumours of vibration issues with the Honda power unit, but those were strongly denied by Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

Marko also reinforced that message and suggested that Red Bull would at least be no worser off with Honda than deciding to stick with Renault power.

“Well we don’t look back, we look forward,” Marko added.

“It’s a very good relationship. The concern was, of course, reliability but so far there has not been a problem at all.

“It’s a new culture [to work with] as well, but it fits well with our people.

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