Marko: Gasly is out of excuses for poor form

Jamie Woodhouse
Pierre Gasly needs to stop the excuses after his RB15 passed a thorough chassis test.

Pierre Gasly needs to stop the excuses after his RB15 passed a thorough chassis test.

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko insists under-fire Pierre Gasly is out of excuses after a thorough check of the RB15 chassis.

The 23-year-old has been left behind by team-mate Max Verstappen in their first year together, and things hit a new low in Austria when he was lapped by the Dutchman.

The team responded to Gasly’s complaints and completed a thorough check of the chassis, but after finding no issues, Marko warned Gasly that the excuses now need to stop and he must improve.

“There was a bit of an excuse for Austria,” Marko told

“We burned all the front wings in the practice sessions, so he didn’t have the same front wing as Max, but that doesn’t explain the gap.”

Marko confirmed that the team will support Gasly, but he has to stop blaming the chassis.

“It [the car] has to deliver now, but so does Gasly,” added Marko.

“He was always looking for issues with the car, in the chassis. We have looked through this. There was nothing.

“The plan now is to support him as much as possible. He gets Max’s set-up from the start, because he’s the more experienced driver and has the more experienced engineering team.

“He can mess around with it, but he can’t seriously move away from it – he was experimenting with his set-up before and jumping from one extreme to the other.”

Team principal Christian Horner knows that Austria was tough for Gasly and fears he is trying too hard.

“You could see he was quite emotional at the end of it because he’s got himself into a situation where the harder he’s trying, the slower he goes,” Horner said during a media event at Silverstone.

“We know what he’s capable of as a driver, which is a long way beyond what we’ve seen so far.”

Horner insists that their driver must switch off from the outside world and their criticism.

“Obviously there’s an awful lot of scrutiny on him at the moment, an awful lot of speculation about how long his future will be,” he said.

“But as a team he has our full support, we’re doing our best to work with him.

“(He should) not focus too much on the data and try to be perfect, and just drive the car and ignore his team-mate. That’s my advice to him.”

“Turn your phone off, don’t look at any of the social media and just drive the car.”

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