Brad Pitt sends note to Martin Brundle after US GP grid walk snub

Henry Valantine
Martin Brundle interviews Brad Pitt. Austin October 2022.

Martin Brundle is brushed aside by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt while trying to interview him. United States October 2022.

Martin Brundle has revealed he has received a note from Brad Pitt explaining why he was not keen to talk on the grid at last weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

The Sky Sports broadcaster was taking in his customary grid walk and looking to speak to the great and good ahead of the race.

Hollywood star Pitt was in attendance all weekend at the Circuit of The Americas as he was conducting research for his role in an upcoming Formula 1-based film, and was seen in the garages of most teams and mingling with drivers and teams throughout the three days of action.

Brundle looked to speak to the actor as he made his way towards the front of the grid, but gave several blunt answers as he did not seem willing to allow the former driver to follow him and ask him questions about his weekend, patting Brundle on the body several times as he tried to walk clear.

Having had a similar rejection on the grid in Austin last year, Pitt’s refusal to speak to Brundle immediately sparked widespread conversation on social media.

But since then, the nine-time Formula 1 podium finisher has received correspondence from Pitt – which the Sky Sports analyst described as a nice gesture.

Brundle wrote on Twitter: “Got a note from Brad Pitt explaining what happened with our near miss on the Austin grid. Unnecessary, but nice of him.

“Absolutely nobody is obliged to talk to me on the grid, but as I endeavour to make 10/12 minutes of live and unscripted sports TV I’m obliged to at least ask.”

Pitt’s snub in Austin followed on from last year’s grid walk with Brundle when he looked to interview American rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

When his path was blocked by a member of her team saying he “can’t do that”, it led to the now-famous retort: “I can, because I just did.”

That particular run-in, which subsequently went viral online, led to the sport banning celebrity bodyguards from Formula 1 grids, but the stars themselves are not obligated to conduct interviews while on the grid.

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