Martin Brundle revisits ‘car crash’ Machine Gun Kelly moment in gridwalk review

Jamie Woodhouse
Machine Gun Kelly on the F1 grid with Red Bull.

Machine Gun Kelly on the F1 grid with Red Bull.

Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle looked back at his F1 2023 gridwalk interactions, from highlights with Florence Pugh and Maria Sharapova, to “car crash” encounters with Machine Gun Kelly and Shaquille O’Neal.

Brundle’s unscripted wanderings around a pre-grand prix F1 grid have become an iconic sight over the years, as he searches for F1 drivers, celebrities and everyone in between for a quick chat before the action gets underway.

Some chats are shorter than others, and while the majority of people Brundle comes across are very accommodating, others have little to no intention of engaging.

Martin Brundle reflects on MGK and Shaquille O’Neal ‘car crash’

Brundle’s gridwalk encounters during F1 2023 with rapper Machine Gun Kelly and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal will live long in the memory for all the wrong reasons, an awkward Kelly trying to get Brundle playing air piano as part of a heavily-criticised Brazilian GP appearance on the gridwalk, O’Neal meanwhile had no interest in talking at the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix.

It was far from only negatives though, Brundle speaking highly of his chats with actress Florence Pugh ahead of the British Grand Prix and tennis legend Maria Sharapova pre-Abu Dhabi GP, though Brundle said his favourite talks on the grid will always be with the F1 drivers.

Asked as part of a Sky Sports F1 Q&A to name his favourite grid walk interaction of F1 2023, Brundle replied: “Oh my goodness, what a year it’s been grid walking. I loved talking to Florence Pugh, for example, on the grid in Silverstone and Maria Sharapova in Abu Dhabi, just meeting nice people who are enjoying our sport.

“And then I’ve had some car crash moments with Machine Gun Kelly and Shaquille O’Neal, whose answer was short and sweet, but nobody’s ever called him short and sweet before, I don’t think.

“I’ve maintained my position of never watching one, so I have no idea. I’ll leave that for other people to decide, but it’s nice to meet nice people.

“But actually I love talking to the drivers as well, because that’s a unique sports broadcasting opportunity. So in the end, it will be quick interactions with drivers that I enjoy most.” recommends

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Brundle also had another celebrity shout-out, that going to musician Sam Ryder, who was thrilled to chat with Brundle on the grid at Silverstone.

Describing him at the person most excited to be on an F1 grid he’s ever seen, Brundle revealed that Ryder even reached out to him via Instagram afterwards.

“Sam Ryder,” Brundle replied when asked if there has been a celebrity that surprised him the most.

“He was effusive, and thrilled and contacted me on Instagram afterwards. I’ve never seen a bloke so excited to be on the grid.”

Formula 1 action for 2024 gets underway with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 2, which is scheduled to kick-off a record 24-round calendar.

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