Martin Brundle passes crucial career advice to Lando Norris after Brazil GP frustration

Jamie Woodhouse
McLaren driver Lando Norris appears to be in thought.

Lando Norris appears to be in thought.

Lando Norris is never a driver to mask any shortcomings, but ex-Formula 1 racer Martin Brundle advised his compatriot not to be so hard on himself.

Norris had positioned himself as a contender for pole position at the Brazilian Grand Prix, but with rain closing in for Q3, that final stage became a matter of getting a lap on the board.

And that one-lap shootout did not go the way Norris wanted, after he managed only the seventh-fastest time, resulting in P6 on the grid after George Russell’s two-place grid drop for impeding was factored in.

Martin Brundle tells Lando Norris to be less self-critical

Norris showed what he was capable of over one lap by taking pole for the Brazilian GP sprint in his McLaren, though it did not cushion the blow of qualifying too much, Norris describing the single-lap performance as his “kryptonite” currently.

It was after similar self-criticism in Qatar that 2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg offered to help Norris, believing such a mentality was not helpful.

Asked by Sky F1 whether he felt happier for claiming sprint pole, or rather now more frustrated over what could have been in qualifying, Norris replied: “Of course, there’s the hindsight of what could have been yesterday. recommends

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“And just with myself, there’s been a lot of ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda,’ but I know it and I’ve accepted it.

“And qualifying seems to be the thing I need to be improving the most at the minute. My races are very strong, just the qualy is my kryptonite at the second.

“You’re always just wanting to improve and definitely when we have a car which is obviously competitive to be on pole and fight for great positions, of course I’m going to be disappointed and annoyed with myself when I make mistakes.

“I start P6, I’m making my life a lot harder than if I started second or third or first.

“So it’s, I think, completely correct disappointment in my eyes. Of course I kick myself, but I try and improve and I do a better job and that’s what I’ve done today.”

Like Rosberg, Brundle though also believes that Norris should not be giving himself such a hard time, pointing out that the outside world will do that for him.

“I would say I admire your humility and your honesty. Don’t be so hard on yourself, to give you a piece of advice you haven’t asked for,” Brundle told Norris.

“Because everybody else will be, everybody’s ready to be in the world of sport.”

Norris is regarded as one of the brightest talents on the Formula 1 grid, his current contract keeping him at McLaren until the end of 2025.

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