Martin Brundle and Machine Gun Kelly clash on Brazilian GP grid

Thomas Maher
Martin Brundle on a grid walk at the Miami Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle on a grid walk at the Miami Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle’s latest Sky F1 gridwalk cringe moment took place when he interviewed (or tried to, at least) Machine Gun Kelly.

The Sky F1 broadcaster embarked on his usual grid walk ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, when he encountered international rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The husband of actress Megan Fox appeared completely confused by Brundle’s attempts to engage him in a conversation, with multiple lengthy awkward pauses in what quickly became a trainwreck of an interview.

Read awkward interview between Martin Brundle and Machine Gun Kelly

Here’s the full exchange between the experienced broadcaster and the rapper.

Martin Brundle: “Good to see you. Welcome to our grid.”

Machine Gun Kelly: “*….Long silence….* I have no idea what you said. But thank you.”

MB: “I said welcome to the grid. ”

MGK: “Thank you. Thank you. Honour to be here..”

MB: “Tell us about your career at the moment.” Distracted by Machine Gun Kelly poking at his chest, Brundle said: “That’s a poppy.”

MGK: “*Long silence*….”What? What are you saying?”

“MB: “Tell us about your career at the moment, what’s going on for you?”

“MGK: “Oh, my career…. *Long silence* I don’t think about my career. I don’t think about it.”

“MB: “Well, I’ll tell you what, good luck with it, whatever you do. What do you think about our business in F1?”

MGK: “Business is great. It’s loud. Your life’s on the line. That’s exciting. I was at a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice. Yeah, yeah. What do you think about my business?”

MB: “We love your business. Because there’s always been a great synergy between the music business and the motor racing business somehow.

MGK: “Can you give me your best air guitar?

MB: “No, I can’t. I learned the piano once and I know the middle C and that’s about it.

MGK: “Let’s do an air piano and air guitar collaboration right now. Three, two, one…”

With Brundle not engaging with Kelly’s antics, he just said: “I can’t do it.

MGK: “I need keys. I need the piano.”

MB: “I probably need to get on because we’ve got some people to see, but they don’t deserve my…”

With Kelly having already walked away, giving the camera a thumbs down as he stopped listening to Brundle, the broadcaster said: “Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas card list…”

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