‘Disappointed’ Martin Brundle tears into Max Verstappen with simple request

Jamie Woodhouse
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen looks serious as he talks to media in Las Vegas.

Max Verstappen looks serious as he talks to media.

Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle was “disappointed” to hear Max Verstappen be so critical of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, saying he should stay quiet if that is how he feels.

Formula 1 has embraced the glitz and glamour for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, but if there is any driver to recoil in the presence of such an environment, then that would be Max Verstappen.

And the three-time World Champion has made no secret of his dislike for all the extracurricular activities as he focuses on the racing side.

Martin Brundle “disappointed” in Max Verstappen

The grand Las Vegas GP opening ceremony did not sit well with Verstappen, who said drivers “looked like a clown”, while he also claimed that the event is a mere 1% sport and 99% show.

Such comments did not go down well with Brundle, who advises Verstappen not “to say anything at all”.

“If he doesn’t like it, I’m not sure he needs to say anything at all,” said Brundle on Sky Sports F1.

“I was a bit disappointed with that, because standing on a rostrum coming up and waving, a lot of adulation from the fans, it’s not the worst job in the world is it?

“It’s not that difficult. You’re not on shift work or down the mines or something. So I don’t understand why he feels so negative about it.

“Funnily enough, I was sat with some mates having a beer over in the Bellagio afterwards and before I heard those comments, I said, ‘I’m so envious of these drivers, they get given such a platform and such credit where it’s due and what a wonderful experience it must be to be a grand prix driver now with these sort of facilities’. And then I read that, so I was a bit surprised.”

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2009 World Champion Jenson Button acknowledged that Verstappen is a driver who just wants to race, but argued that these extra activities are what writes the paychecks.

“I think I was surprised he was so outspoken,” Button admitted.

“But, that’s the way Max is, he wants to go racing and that’s all he wants to do it seems.

“But, there are other parts to this job as we all know. The racing is the fun bit, we get paid to do all the other stuff.”

In what has already been a record-breaking season of dominance for Verstappen, the Red Bull racer will chase his 18th win of F1 2023 in Las Vegas.

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