Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones make surprise Martin Brundle comments

Thomas Maher
Martin Brundle on a grid walk at the Miami Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle on presenting duties for Sky Sports F1

Martin Brundle is used to getting into tight spots on his grid walks, but had a nice moment with Hollywood royalty ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Brundle was carrying out his usual pre-race grid walk at the Spanish Grand Prix, when he encountered famous Hollywood couple and award-winning actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As Brundle approached the couple for a quick interview, Douglas interrupted the experienced broadcaster to get a point across live on television.

“Can I just stop you for a second to say what an excellent job you do, weekend in, week out” Douglas commented into Brundle’s microphone.

“I’m so impressed, both here in the pits and your colour commentary. You’re amazing!”

Brundle, who is far more used to dealing with reluctant and uninterested (if not occasionally outright hostile!) guests, was clearly taken aback by the extent of Douglas’ genuine admiration and said: “I really appreciate it, you’ve made my day. Thank you very much!

Turning to Zeta-Jones, Brundle pointed out to her that they had met before through mutual friends: “I met you decades ago with our lovely friends Mansoor and Kathy!”

Zeta-Jones replied, saying that she was thrilled to be able to come to Spain and experience the Grand Prix with her family.

“I used to watch F1 with my dad, in the Nigel Mansell years,” she said.

“So to come here and have experience with my family, it really is a family event for us – we love it.

“And I second Michael – your work, what you do, you really make it!”