Most awkward interview ever? Martin Brundle reveals fresh insight into MGK ‘chat’

Jamie Woodhouse
Sky F1 pundit and former F1 racer Martin Brundle.

Sky F1's Martin Brundle.

Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle explained how his already awkward Machine Gun Kelly encounter was made even more so because he was being ordered to leg it over to George Russell’s ailing Mercedes.

Brundle has become an iconic voice of Formula 1 in English-speaking coverage, with a key part of this being his always entertaining grid walk segment.

Armed with a live microphone and no script to work off, Brundle is sent to roam around the Formula 1 grid pre-race, meaning it is a complete unknown how the segment will play out and often meeting some interesting characters. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was a prime example.

Martin Brundle tried to ditch Machine Gun Kelly for George Russell dramas

Brundle has something of a hit-and-miss relationship when it comes to speaking with celebrity figures on the grid. Some are extremely polite and happy to talk to him, while others are the exact opposite.

Kelly though perhaps was his own category, drawing criticism from much of the fanbase for his reluctance to talk to Brundle, though providing the entertainment with a spot of air guitar and attempts to get Brundle involved on the piano. Little did we know Brundle was being ordered to head over to Russell’s Mercedes W14 which was in trouble.

How dare you cost us the chance to see Brundle playing air piano, George Russell!

Recalling that Machine Gun Kelly interview when speaking to GQ, Brundle said: “In my ear, I was getting, ‘You need to get to George Russell’s car. Two rows behind you. Big problem with the front end, George Russell’s car now’.

“Meanwhile, I’ve got Machine Gun Kelly trying to do air guitar with me with millions of people watching.” recommends

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Brundle, who said his “cheeky alter ego” comes out when he sets off on grid walk duties, has in the past suggested he does not enjoy taking part in the segments very much.

However, in this latest reflection, he said the “nervous energy” of a grid walk is the only thing that can get him anywhere near the feeling of being a racing driver which he misses.

“I really miss being a racing driver,” he admitted. “We’re sort of all adrenaline junkies, really.

“The only thing that gives me about 30 per cent of the nervous energy of when I used to be on the grid, about to race the cars, is the grid walk.”

And Brundle will likely have further grid walks in store for us throughout the F1 2024 campaign, with his continued role in Sky F1’s coverage having been confirmed.

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