Martin Brundle accidentally forgets Oscar Piastri mid-interview in grid walk gaffe

Martin Brundle looks on as he prepares to broadcast live from Silverstone

Martin Brundle: On presenting duties with Sky F1

Martin Brundle took the time to briefly speak to Oscar Piastri before the Singapore Grand Prix, but the Sky F1 analyst accidentally snubbed the McLaren driver only seconds later.

In asking the young Australian about his pre-race prospects before the Singapore Grand Prix, Piastri was mid-answer when Esteban Ocon emerged onto the grid.

With the Alpine driver turning 27 on Sunday, Brundle broke away to wish the Frenchman a happy birthday, but by the time he turned around to go back to speak to Piastri, he had disappeared.

As Piastri approached, Brundle asked: “Oscar, bad luck in qualifying, got some work to do in the race?”

Piastri responded: “Yeah, we’ll try our best, see if we can – ”

But at that point, Ocon emerged and Brundle called out: “Esteban! Esteban! Happy birthday!”

And upon turning around to see Piastri again, he added: “He’s gone, sorry, I was hoping to keep Oscar and I’ve lost him.” recommends

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It was the return of the more ‘traditional’ grid walk format for the ever-popular former F1 driver-turned-broadcaster in Singapore, who took a different style of grid walk at the last race at Monza, where he followed Lando Norris on his arrival to the grid.

But that was followed by the Briton joking that his compatriot was coming through slightly too loud on his in-ear monitors last time out, exclaiming: “I think you’ve broken both my eardrums!”

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