Sky F1’s Martin Brundle name-dropped by Stormzy in new single

Jamie Woodhouse
Martin Brundle looks on as he prepares to broadcast live from Silverstone

Martin Brundle: On presenting duties with Sky F1

Martin Brundle gets a mention from Stormzy in his latest tune, a figure he has encountered on his iconic ‘grid walk’ segment.

The former F1 driver turned pundit has become synonymous with his pre-race ‘grid walk’, a section of unscripted television which over the years has produced some absolute gold.

Brundle will roam the grid looking for Formula 1 personnel, celebrities and everyone in-between to have a chat with in build-up to the grand prix getting underway.

Stormzy’s Martin Brundle chats enshrined in song

It is safe to say that Brundle has encountered all sorts of characters during his grid travels, not all of them friendly, but someone who has always shown Brundle a huge deal of respect and engaged in conversation is British music icon Stormzy.

Brundle’s first encounter with Stormzy on the F1 grid came back at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a race of course remembered these days for very different reasons, and again ahead of the 2022 British Grand Prix.

And now, these chats have cropped up in Stormzy’s new release ‘Angel in the Marble’. recommends

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Skip to 1:15m in the track and you will hear Stormzy utter “on the grid with Martin Brundle”.

Perhaps a few years ago most of Stormzy’s fans would be scratching their heads as they try to figure out who Martin Brundle is, but considering the surge in popularity which Formula 1 is enjoying, there is a good chance many of his listeners will have some knowledge of the F1 commentator and pundit.

Packed stands and grids stuffed with celebrities has become a common sight as the demand for Formula 1 soars, with the upcoming debut of the Las Vegas Grand Prix perhaps the most highly-anticipated addition to the Formula 1 calendar yet.

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