‘There’s no point’ – Martin Brundle tackles Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari ‘mistake’ theory

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Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz in a side-by-shot alongside Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari next season

Martin Brundle says there is “no point” in Ferrari questioning their decision to retain Charles Leclerc but drop Carlos Sainz in favour of Lewis Hamilton, after all, it’s a done deal.

Having confirmed Leclerc on a new “beyond 2024” deal, Ferrari surprised the world of motorsport when instead of confirming Sainz as his team-mate, they announced Hamilton would be joining them in 2025.

‘If they do, they certainly won’t be letting us know about it’

But while it was a decision that was largely applauded at the time, Sainz’s 2024 form now has pundits and fans questioning whether Ferrari made the right call.

Not only has Sainz beaten his team-mate Leclerc on the track, finishing ahead of him in the three races both have started, but he’s also the only non-Red Bull driver to have won a Grand Prix since 2022.

Finishing on the podium in Bahrain where Leclerc was fourth, Sainz won in Australia leading a Ferrari 1-2 across the line, and more recently he overtook Leclerc on the track in Japan to claim third place to continue his 100 per cent podium record for the 2024 F1 championship.

And as for Hamilton, the Mercedes driver has recorded his worst-ever start to a season with ten points on the board while he’s yet to beat his team-mate George Russell in a Grand Prix.

It begs the question, do Ferrari regret their decision, not only signing Hamilton but also in which Ferrari driver they chose to retain?

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Carlos Sainz pushing Ferrari towards buyer’s remorse after Lewis Hamilton swap

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“Well, if they do, they certainly won’t be letting us know about it,” Brundle told the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

“They’ve made their decisions. You know, Charles is a world-class racing driver.

“What they’ve done is they have a great pairing, they’ve got a great pair now, and they are losing that which is just about manageable together considering how competitive they are, they’re future-proof and they’re just perfect, they’re great marketing kits. They’re great everything really.

“And then broken that up because they want to take Lewis because he is a seven-time world champion, and he transcends our sport by some margin.

“Have they let the wrong one go? Or should they have let either go?

“We can debate that all day long. But there’s no point in wasting heartbeats on that. That’s what Ferrari are going to do, and we’ll see what Lewis can do in a Ferrari.

“Will it be an Alonso, Vettel near miss? Or will it be a Michael Schumacher fantastic race-winning championship-winning crusade? We’re a few months away from finding out how that’s going to go.

“But there’s no point in Ferrari looking over their shoulder wondering that. They’ve made that decision that they wanted Lewis in the car, and they’ve got him and they’ll make the most of it.”

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur clapped back when asked about the Hamilton scenario after the Japanese Grand Prix.

The team boss was in no mood to entertain a reporter’s talk of an “alternative reality where you hadn’t already signed Lewis Hamilton for 2025.”

Before said reporter could finish their sentence, Vasseur interrupted to make sure that it could go no further.

“We have the same question each weekend,” said Vasseur. “Do a copy paste of my reply of last week, next one.”

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