Martin Brundle casts his latest verdict on the burning Lewis Hamilton question

Sam Cooper
Martin Brundle and Lewis Hamilton. , Austin, Texas, USA, November 2019

Martin Brundle and Lewis Hamilton. , Austin, Texas, USA, November 2019

Martin Brundle believes Lewis Hamilton is capable of staying in Formula 1 for at least two more years as speculation looms about his future.

Hamilton is just five months away from the end of his current Mercedes deal and with negotiations dragging on far longer than expected, there are again questions over whether the 38-year-old is considering retirement.

The seven-time World Champion is not the oldest driver on the grid, that honour goes to Fernando Alonso, but has raced for the most consecutive years having first started in 2007.

Both Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff have suggested an extension is likely and former driver turned pundit Brundle believed it would be a smart move as Hamilton has plenty left to give.

“I think he’s easily strong enough, fit enough and mentally still enthusiastic,” Brundle told Sky Sports F1. “You can see that he’s really got a spring in his step I would say at the moment and really enjoying F1, that seems clear to me just watching him in the press conferences and around the garage and the cars so he’s got a few more years at him.”

Brundle retired in 1996 at the age of 37 but the expected retirement date for modern F1 drivers is far longer considering the advancement of both sport sciences but also safety in the car.

Brundle said the question for any driver is not if they have the speed for F1 but rather if they have the need for it and the former Tyrrell man believes Hamilton does still have the need.

“I think these current drivers have been in such good shape for such a long time,” Brundle said. “They don’t sort of tend to get broken legs and knocked on the head too much these days either, thank goodness. So I can easily see another two or three years [for Hamilton]. recommends

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“It doesn’t matter with the contract because if your driver says ‘do you know what? Actually I’ve had enough’ then nobody’s going to force you to get in the car.

“But I always say in these situations, you don’t lose the speed, you lose the need and certainly Lewis has not lost the need to be a Formula 1 driver and he’s driving beautifully.”

Hamilton has already competed in the fourth most grands prix in history having raced in 317 races ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix. Alonso leads the way with 363.