Binotto: Drivers must ‘adapt’ to complicated 2022 cars

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Mattia Binotto, Ferrari, stood arms folded. Qatar, November 2021.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari, stood arms folded outside the team garage in Qatar. November 2021.

Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto warned that drivers will have lots of learning ahead to master the more tricky new cars.

The 2022 season represents a complete reset for Formula 1, with sweeping regulation changes set to create cars that will look far different to those of past campaigns.

Formula 1 wants to bunch the pack up and create more overtaking by allowing drivers to follow each other closely for longer, believing that this can be achieved by the switch to a ground effect aerodynamic philosophy with the 2022 challengers.

And as Binotto explained, such a shift in the machinery will leave drivers facing a tough process of adaptation.

“2022 will be a completely different season, the cars will differ significantly from the previous GP racers,” he told Sky Italia.

“The rules are new, the cars will look different and have different aerodynamics. That’s why we expect them to require a different driving style.

“The drivers have to adapt.”

And not only are the cars going to be different, Binotto expects that they will also be more challenging for the drivers to master.

“They will be much faster cars in the fast sections and corners, they will probably be slower in the slower sectors,” said Binotto.

“They will be stiffer and lower, therefore more complicated for the drivers as well.”


Ferrari head into the 2022 campaign with optimism, hoping that their new challenger, the F1-75, working alongside their new power unit, can be the combined force which gives their drivers the tools to challenge for victories and the titles.

In Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Ferrari believe that they have strongest driver pairing on the grid, with the 2021 season going a long way to back up that claim.

Leclerc twice claimed pole position in 2021 at the Monaco and Azerbaijan GPs, while he also claimed a podium finish with P2 at the British Grand Prix.


Sainz meanwhile enjoyed a fantastic first season in Ferrari red, visiting the podium four times with a best result of P2 in Monaco.

He would finish the season 5.5 points ahead of Leclerc in the Drivers’ Championship, scoring 164.5 points.


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Drivers 'have to adapt' to very different 2022 cars

Mattia Binotto warns drivers they need to adapt to the new 2022 cars.