Binotto: ‘A lot of bull****’ about 2019 engine

Mark Scott
Mattia Binotto Ferrari

Mattia Binotto Ferrari

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has said there is a lot of “bull****” about their 2019 engine which the team should not concern themselves with.

The power unit used by Ferrari in the 2019 season has been significantly weakened through a series of Technical Directives issued by the FIA late into the campaign.

The engine itself was also subject of a lengthy investigation by the governing body but the details of it were never made public.

The fact that a private agreement was reached between the FIA and Ferrari angered many across the paddock, while the Scuderia’s firm fall into the midfield pack has left the likes of Red Bull bemoaning the loss of extra prize money due to the clampdown not coming sooner earlier in the 2019 campaign.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has also been another of the main dissenting voices, with no love lost between himself and Binotto. The two team principals have exchanged in a regular war of words via the press.

Each poor Ferrari performance brings more questions about the engine and Binotto thinks a lot of it can be categorised as “bull****” and rumour.

“Honestly I think that there is a lot of bull****,” Binotto told Channel 4.

“A lot of rumours and we should not care too much because we need to stay focused on what we are doing.

“On the settlement it’s very simple there has never been a breach of regulation and that’s it.

“Our regulations are very complex, since then a lot of technical directives have been issued and the reason why there has been no transparency on the settlement is because it’s about our technical intellectual property.

“So we don’t need to explain to the entire world the way our power unit is working.”

Charles Leclerc hopes the new R&D scale will help Ferrari recover some form.

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Asked how difficult he is finding the job of being charge at Ferrari, he said:  “I’m very happy to do what I’m doing, we’ve got a great team, I think we’re united and when you are so united in such a difficult situation it shows how the spirit is strong.

“So in the end yes certainly it’s difficult, but there are other jobs that can be as difficult as this one.

“I think if you stay focused on what you’re doing and not listen to what’s around you, finally you’re happy with what you’re doing.”

“It will take some time [to get back to the top] because simply we are too behind at the moment so the gap is big and to close such a gap sometimes you need even more seasons.

“2022 is out best opportunity because it will be a big financial challenge with the budget cap, not only technically.

“But next year still is an important season for us so I’m not saying that we will be challenging for victories but hopefully we can improve the current situation.”

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