Binotto reveals concerns over Ferrari’s pace

Mark Scott
Mattia Binotto Ferrari

Mattia Binotto Ferrari

Mattia Binotto has revealed concerns over Ferrari’s pace in testing and is “not as optimistic” as he was at this stage in 2019.

Ferrari are usually the ones pumping up the hype machine with headline times in pre-season testing, but they have stayed firmly off the radar on the fastest lap timesheet so far with the Scuderia posting a best time of 1:18.154 – quicker than only Williams and Haas.

Whether the concern is actually genuine or whether Ferrari are taking a page out of Mercedes’ old playbook by praising their rivals and downplaying themselves remains to be seen.

But that is stance that Binotto took when talking to the press during the final day of the first winter test.

“Looking at the delta pace and eventually what we may assess in terms of fuel load, which you never know in terms of engine modes, etc – looking at the picture relative to ourselves, I think we are not as fast as they are,” Binotto told reporters at a media session in Barcelona.

“I’m not as optimistic as last year. The others are faster than us at the moment I believe.

“How much faster I think it’s really difficult to judge.

“We will go through all the data in the next days. But I don’t think we are as fast as them at the moment.

“Do we have any concerns? Certainly yes, when you are not as fast as you would like to be. But I think it’s really too early stage to define them and to understand.

“So these three days for us have been very important because at least we have collected all the data now to have a clear picture and better understanding. What will be even more important is to make sure that we are developing the car in the right direction.

“Having said that, it’s a very long season, 22 races potentially, so I think there will be time as well to recover eventually.

“But let’s wait for next week and let’s wait for Australia before to assess what’s the true performance of everybody.”

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