Max Verstappen overlooks all on-track success to highlight one key takeaway

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen celebrates with the Red Bull F1 team.

It is more than just the driver behind a successful racing team.

Max Verstappen has broken just above every record going this year but rather than any on-track success, he said he will most remember the team spirit.

The Dutchman secured a 19th victory of the year at the season finale meaning all but three races have had him on the top step of the podium.

But when asked about what he will most remember, Verstappen chose to celebrate the team spirit of Red Bull behind the victories.

Max Verstappen praises Red Bull staff

Verstappen has been part of the Red Bull family since 2014 and is also their longest-serving driver having raced 162 times for the team.

Therefore he has been a crucial part to the rise of Red Bull in later years but was just as keen to praise the mechanics and engineers behind the car.

“I think just the team spirit,” he replied when asked what he will take away from the season. “Not so much the wins or poles or laps lead. I think just the enjoyment we had as a team.

“Because the wins are great of course but I think it’s also very important to have a good atmosphere in the team and have a lot of fun with the people that you work with, there’s a lot of smart people in the team.

“And I also know that whatever you do in motor racing, I think it will never top that. So just seeing everyone at work trying to do the best they can every day and give it their all out there for you, that’s really nice to see.”

Anyone who was not familiar with Verstappen may have thought he would ease up having secured the title in Qatar but the opposite has happened with the Dutchman winning every race since then.

Asked as to what motivates him, Verstappen admitted he would be annoyed at himself if he approached it any differently. recommends

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“I do think that is just something [about] how I grew up,” the 26-year-old said. “I can’t just come into a weekend not giving it my all [because] I just get annoyed with myself and I know the people around me get annoyed with me if I would be like that.

“So it doesn’t really matter. My mindset also didn’t change after winning the championship. I come to the race weekends and always try to do the best I can. Why would I not want to win you know?

“So when you have the opportunity to win, I will always try to do the best I can and also for the team when you have such a good car you want to try and extend the records and do well.”

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