‘Because of me’ – Max Verstappen against Super Licence system blocking Kimi Antonelli F1 entry

Michelle Foster
Kimi Antonelli and Max Verstappen

Kimi Antonelli may have to wait to make is F1 debut because of a rule introduced because of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen does not agree with F1’s Super Licence system, especially if it blocks a driver of Kimi Antonelli’s talent from making his debut before he turns 18.

Mercedes junior Antonelli has been in the headlines of late after an unnamed team, believed to be Williams, approached the FIA to request dispensation for the Italian to be allowed to race before his 18th birthday.

‘This can stop some talents from getting into Formula 1 quickly’

17-year-old Antonelli only hits that milestone on the Sunday of the Dutch Grand Prix and Williams, if that is the team, could do with a star driver immediately with Logan Sargeant yet again struggling.

However, the Italian cannot make his debut without the FIA’s permission as back in 2016 the FIA and Formula 1 introduced a Super Licence system.

Not only does a driver have to accumulate 40 points before they can contest a Grand Prix, but they also put in a minimum age of 18.

The rule came into effect after Verstappen made his debut at 17 years and 166 days, the Dutchman jumping from European Formula 3 into Formula 1.

Verstappen went on to score points in his debut season, win a Grand Prix in year two, and today has three World titles.

He doesn’t agree with the system, especially if it stops talented drivers from getting into Formula 1 early.

“That rule was introduced because of me, of course,” Verstappen said as per Motorsport.com. “In the end, it doesn’t stop what it’s meant for.

“It’s not specifically about him, but this can stop some talents from getting into Formula 1 quickly because they have to accumulate those 40 points first.

“I’m not a big fan of it, of this entire system. The FIA thinks it’s good, but I’d rather not have it.

“If someone is 17 or 18 years old and has maybe 20 points, but if he is very fast, why can’t he get into Formula 1 then?”

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‘This is not going to happen’

Antonelli’s F1 team boss, Toto Wolff, denied that Mercedes made the request for dispensation while also insisting the Formula 2 driver will not be racing come Imola.

“Just 15 months ago, he was in an F4 car,” Wolff said. “We have great belief in Kimi, his abilities and also his future.

“But there is a trajectory which we need to follow with diligence, rather than trying to dream about jumping from series to series in a way that is certainly not beneficial for him.

“I think a champion is not going to be distracted by any of this. But certainly, at least it distracts me because everybody’s asking me: ‘What about Kimi and driving in Imola?’

“This is not going to happen. This is not something that Mercedes wants. These rumours have gotten their own spin. Let’s do Formula 2. We as a team have lots of other issues to resolve.”

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