‘It’s nobody’s business’ – Max Verstappen makes feelings clear after private life question

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen looks past the camera with a slight smile.

Max Verstappen looks past the camera.

Quizzed on his limited use of social media to offer insight into his private life, Max Verstappen feels it is “nobody’s business”.

The spotlight has arguably never shone brighter on Verstappen than in present day, the Dutchman now established as the leading force of the Formula 1 grid.

Claiming a record 19 grand prix wins out of 22 as he stormed his way to a third World Championship in 2023, Verstappen is now being talked about as one of the greatest talents F1 has ever seen, though the success of course comes with increased fame, or at that price, in Verstappen’s view.

Max Verstappen says private life ‘nobody’s business’

Verstappen has made it clear that he enjoys the quiet time away from the F1 track, where he can settle back into a more simple life with far fewer eyes on him, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner recently admitting that Verstappen is “uncomfortable” with the level of fame he has now.

Speaking with Formule1.nl, Verstappen was asked whether this increased scrutiny, and indeed at times criticism, explains why he rarely offers an insight into his private life via social media.

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That is part of the reason, but Verstappen bluntly also believes that it is “nobody’s business”, explaining that he also makes a conscious effort with his social media to drown out the F1-related noise.

“Yes. But I’m also like: what I do privately, it’s nobody’s business,” Verstappen responded.

“I don’t follow that many Formula 1-related accounts or people anyway. I consciously ignore a lot of Formula 1 news, then at some point it doesn’t pass by in my timeline either.

“Actually, I only follow other sports and athletes, also to get balance in my life that way. I don’t want – and especially when I’m at home – to know everything that’s going on in the paddock.”

The time is approaching though for Verstappen to tune back into Formula 1 life, as he prepares to defend his World Champion status.

And after his all-conquering display last season, while Red Bull simulator driver Jake Dennis is predicting a “dull” F1 2024 of Verstappen dominating in an “extremely fast” RB21, Verstappen is well-positioned to make himself a four-time World Champion in the new campaign.

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