Marko: ‘It would be best if Max caught the virus now’

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen concedes honesty doesn't always work for him

Max Verstappen concedes honesty doesn't always work for him

Helmut Marko says a lot of things, but no words have been quite so utterly bizarre as him saying the best thing that could happen to Max Verstappen is for him to catch coronavirus.

In an interview with Kronen Zeitung newspaper, the 76-year-old was asked a series of questions about the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it has had on his normal routines and Formula 1 itself.

Within that interview, he revealed he has had a conversation with Verstappen, who is concerned about catching the virus. Marko’s solution is quite something.

“He [Max] told me on the phone he was terrified of getting the virus,” Marko said.

“The best thing would be if he got infected now, he’s 22, it’s not at a high risk and he would be in a better place for the run to the title later being already immune.”

As a perfectly fit and healthy 22-year-old, Verstappen would be able to fight the virus and perhaps even test positive without displaying any symptoms whatsoever.

However, getting the virus and overcoming it does not then come with a cast-iron guarantee that you are then immune to Covid-19.

There is also, of course, a risk of spreading the virus to others who may have a harder time battling the virus due to underlying health conditions.

May be it’s time for Helmut to stop being interviewed for a while.

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