Max not happy with ‘Drive to Survive’ depiction

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen says "everything is heading in the right direction" after week one of testing.

Max Verstappen says "everything is heading in the right direction" after week one of testing.

Max Verstappen feels that the first season of Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ did not show his true side and prefers to talk in one-on-one interviews.

The second season of the popular documentary series is now available for Formula 1 fans to devour, but Verstappen does not appear to be the biggest supporter of the show.

He feels that his words and character can be manipulated to help fit the most exciting narrative the producers can create for maximum impact.

“The problem is they will always position you in a way they want, so whatever you say, they will try to make you look reckless or trying to make you into whatever fits the story of the series,” Verstappen said in an interview with ABtalks.

“So I never really liked that. I prefer to just have a one-on-one interview to the person who would like to know me.

“Because the series is all about excitement and it needs to be exciting. So they position you and whatever fits to the episode.

“So for me, that never really works. You’re interviewed and they use the words also under different circumstances. So it never really fits.”

“But it’s a series. So I don’t think it was the real me.”

Verstappen said that he always stays true to himself in regular interviews and a perceived arrogant streak comes from his overwhelming desire to win.

“I like to be just myself and I speak when I need to speak and if I don’t have anything to say, I won’t say anything,” he added.

“Everybody’s different. Everybody works different. But for me, that seems to work the best.

“I’m just easy going and I’m very determined to win.

“I would like to do everything for it because my life it’s my passion. Sometimes it might seem arrogant or whatever but I’m there to win.

“This is what I love to do. I would do anything for it, like I said so. I don’t think I show a lot of emotion as well.”

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