Supercars to ban Verstappen’s Esports hack

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen quirky

Max Verstappen P2 in Porsche Superup Esports event.

All drivers look for ways to find a competitive edge and it’s no different for Max Verstappen, even when he is racing online.

Verstappen, who has been favouring racing on the iRacing platform as opposed to Formula 1’s official Virtual Grand Prix series, recently made his Supercars debut and immediately found an exploit that other drivers have since been using themselves.

The Dutchman was able to find a chunk of time during the pit stops by not letting his speed fall down low enough to be locked by the computer.

Instead he kept his speed just above the threshold of when the pit limiter would automatically kick in. The trick allowed him to get the jump on team-mate Shane van Gisbergen and now other drivers have latched on to it.

In the most recent Supercars race, Scott McLaughlin went into the pit lane behind Mark Winterbottom but came back out ahead of him using Max’s technique.

Earlier on in the race, McLaughlin’s engineer, Richard Harris, told him to “use his trick” in the pit lane.

As a result, Supercars organisers are to set to outlaw the trick completely and introduce a mandatory speed in the pit lane.

You cheeky so and so, Max!

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