Max Verstappen blasts ‘stupid idiot’ Esteban Ocon as rivalry renewed in Las Vegas

Jamie Woodhouse
Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen in the media pen in Japan, 2022.

Esteban Ocon embraces Max Verstappen in the media pen.

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon were at odds once more in Q1 at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Ocon eliminated after their on-track shenanigans.

It was a typically busy track in the closing stages of Q1 at the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, as Ocon and Verstappen found themselves in a scrap which helped neither driver.

Ocon was the one to pay the price ultimately, as the Alpine driver suffered the agony of Q1 elimination.

Max Verstappen brands Esteban Ocon “stupid idiot”

Ocon came up behind Verstappen, among a cluster of slow-moving cars, at the end of the Strip straight, ultimately making his way past in a manner which clearly irked Verstappen.

On the run down the start/finish straight to begin their final Q1 push laps, Verstappen in his Red Bull closely followed Ocon and lunged down the inside at Turn 1, ruining Ocon’s lap and sealing his fate. recommends

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“That’s a joke honestly!” Ocon vented over the radio. “Verstappen diving into Turn 1 like crazy!”

Verstappen had his own take on the exchange, making it clear exactly what he thought of the Alpine driver in this clash.

“What a stupid idiot!” Verstappen declared.

This duo is no stranger to on-track incidents, this bubbling rivalry traceable back to a shunt at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, where Ocon attempted to unlap himself against leader Verstappen, resulting in a collision.

That led to a physical altercation between the pair back in the paddock.

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