Max Verstappen F1 future update after pre-Miami talks with F1 boss

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen speaks to the media. Baku April 2023.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen speaks to the media ahead of the weekend. Azerbaijan April 2023.

Stefano Domenicali has ruled out an early F1 departure for Max Verstappen having spoken to him shortly before the Miami Grand Prix.

Verstappen’s long-term future in the sport is in doubt after the 25-year-old suggested he could walk away when his current contract with Red Bull ends in 2028.

While the Dutchman loves racing, he is not so fond of the other aspects that come with being a Formula 1 driver.

Already frustrated by the workload, he recently further brought his future into question following changes to the sprint format, saying any more and the sport would not be “worth it.”

While 2028 is still five years away, it is already a much-talked about subject considering the records Verstappen could go on to break. He is the youngest ever F1 driver and winner and already has two titles to his name, in theory he could bow out of the sport level with Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher on seven World Championships.

The sport’s boss Domenicali believes Verstappen will stick around having spoken about the “issues” with the son of Jos Verstappen ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

“I discussed the issues with Max (before the last race in Miami),” he told the Daily Mail. “He said he loved the sport and what he was doing. He is World Champion and is fighting for a third title. He was born in a car. I would say he is likely to stay longer than me. It’s not a problem.” recommends

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Domenicali did however suggest that drivers such as Verstappen need to not be “selfish” when it comes to the demands of the sport as Formula 1 looks to appease more audiences.

As well as the sprint format changes, drivers were not happy with the glitzy entrance they were forced to endure just moments ahead of the Miami race.

“I don’t want a society in which people cannot say what they want,” the Italian said. “But drivers sometimes need to remember that they are part of a broader picture. We don’t need to be selfish.

“They are part of this sport and this business, and it grows because we are thinking bigger. Sometimes being out of our comfort zone is not easy, but we cannot be lazy or complacent – just as we can review some of the specifics of the sprint weekend format at the end of the season once we have tried it out on the intended six occasions. We won’t have sprints every weekend, either.

“But we have a new audience and need to provide value for money every session, not let everyone drive around in circles for the sole benefit of engineers and drivers.”