Revealed: Max Verstappen’s favourite races from the F1 2023 season so far

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen with the number '1' board. Belgium July 2023

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen with the number '1' board. Belgium July 2023

While Max Verstappen had a tough time picking an absolute favourite race so far in F1 2023, Hungary and Belgium were among his cluster of selections.

It is understandable why Verstappen would struggle to pick an absolute highlight, considering his almighty dominance over the competition.

After sharing two wins apiece with Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez in the opening four rounds, Verstappen has gone undefeated since then, winning eight grands prix in a row.

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Miami joins collection of Max Verstappen favourites

Red Bull then are undefeated as a team in F1 2023 as the season reaches its summer break, that run also stretching into the three sprint races so far this season which have all been won by Red Bull as well, two for Verstappen and one for Perez.

And so as Verstappen signed off for the summer break with Belgian GP victory, going from P6 on the grid after a five-place grid drop to winning by 22 seconds over Perez, it is of little surprise that this triumph featured in Verstappen’s favourites of the campaign so far.

Another recovery drive to victory though in Miami is also right up there for the Dutchman, who was P9 on the grid for that one after Charles Leclerc’s crash ended Q3 early before Verstappen was able to set a time. recommends

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Asked by media including if there are any of his 10 victories that are most satisfying, Verstappen replied: “It’s difficult to choose. I mean, there have been a lot of nice ones. Some of it most straightforward.

“I think the one actually which I really enjoyed was back in Miami, it’s a tough track, also to get through the field, but we managed I think that whole race quite well after of course, the tough qualifying.

“So probably yeah, for me, that was a very enjoyable one. But honestly, also today, the last one in Hungary, you know, there are a lot of nice ones.

“I think also, throughout the first part of the season, we have improved as a team. And also from my side, I feel more comfortable in the car. And it’s all about little details. So a lot of enjoyable moments, it’s tough to pick one.”

Verstappen is now well on his way to a third World Championship in a row, his lead over nearest rival Perez standing at 125 points.

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