Eddie Jordan ‘bored stiff’ with Max Verstappen wins as George Best comparison made

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Max Verstappen celebrates his third World Championship.

Max Verstappen celebrates a third World Championship.

Max Verstappen is more like Messi than Ronaldo or Maradona, or more like George Best, but without the off-field headlines, that’s according to Eddie Jordan.

But, added the former team boss, he’s “almost boring”.

On Saturday in Qatar, Verstappen was crowned the 2023 Formula 1 World Champion and he sealed the title with six Grands Prix and over 150 points still in play, such has been his form.

‘Max Verstappen is dedicated to the job of dominating’

Storming from one win to another, he has put together a record-breaking season that’s included a new one for the most successive wins as he bagged 10 from Miami to Italy.

The most laps led in a season has also fallen to the Dutchman, whose 14 wins all from pole position is another new longest streak.

Most wins in a single season and the biggest winning margin in the championship are also on the cards for the exceptional Dutchman.

Jordan says he’s like football legends Best or even Messi.

“To put everything into context, it’s George Best without the alcohol, without the birds, without this and that. This guy is in a different league and we have to own up to that,” he told TalkSPORT.

“Sometimes you look at Messi and you think ‘My God, how did he score that goal?’ Forget Ronaldo for a moment, or Maradona.

“This guy is so special, he’s so dedicated, he’s so committed at everything. It’s almost boring because he’s in the simulator. Right now today he’s going through exactly the corners, the turns, how he can go quicker in Austin the next race, and so forth.

“He’s that dedicated to the job of dominating, and that’s what he is doing.”

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But is Verstappen’s brilliance a problem for Formula 1?

With 14 wins and 16 podiums in 16 races, Verstappen has scored 433 points to his team-mate Sergio Perez’s 224. In fact, he has enough points to sit top of the Constructors’ Championship, more than 100 points ahead of second-placed Mercedes.

But while drivers dominating is nothing new in Formula 1, most of the time in yesteryear they were at least up against their team-mates.

Verstappen doesn’t have that with Perez’s early-season challenge quickly extinguished by his team-mate’s brilliance.

“Absolutely, I think so. I’m bored stiff, to be honest but then I’m an old nag,” Jordan replied when asked if Verstappen’s prowess was a ‘problem’ for F1.

“Here’s my situation on that, we were never bored with Ayrton Senna funnily enough because he had a team-mate who was able to run against him, he had Prost, he had Berger.

“And the one thing I always loved about Senna, he never minded who his team-mate was. In other words, he always wanted a good team-mate to keep his game high.

“Michael Schumacher never really did that, he always wanted rules and regulations in everyone else’s contract to make sure he was the top dog.

“Now Max doesn’t have that because nobody can live with him, and you’ve got Checo who has already won a Grand Prix this year, he’s not a bad driver, but he is nowhere near that level. He’s on the next rung.

“And that’s the problem, he’s that good this kid.”

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