Max Verstappen sees ‘more logic’ with F1 2024 sprint change after 2023 complaints

Sam Cooper
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen speaks to the media during the FIA Press Conference at the United States Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has been the most vocal critic of the sprint format.

Max Verstappen admits there is “more logic” with the new sprint rules but has still suggested they are of little importance to him.

The Dutchman’s critique of the sprint format is nothing new with the Red Bull driver repeatedly raising his complaints even after he won all but one of the events in 2023.

But Verstappen has at least conceded that the changes made to the weekend schedule have “more logic” than the previous routine.

Max Verstappen backs sprint modifications

Under the new rules, the sprint shootout (qualifying) will move to the second session on Friday with the sprint race taking place first thing on Saturday.

Drivers will then qualify for the main race before the grand prix on Sunday.

That, Verstappen believes, has “more logic.”

“I think it’s a bit more logic I would say with the way the format is formed,” he told media including “For me, I don’t get more excited by winning a sprint or fighting for these kind of races but at least a bit more logical.”

Another rule change is that parc fermé will be much later in the weekend, allowing teams to make crucial setup changes as the weekend progresses. The inability to do that, with it previously closing after FP1, was a common complaint in 2023. recommends

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“I think that’s a bit better,” Verstappen continued. “Sometimes you get stuck, and you know that your weekend is ruined, you can’t really change anything. So for sure, it will help a bit.”

Verstappen’s former team-mate Pierre Gasly was another one in favour of the change and the now Alpine driver said it would free up “genius guys” to do their job.

“I think that’s great,” the Frenchman said. “I think that was missing, definitely. We ended up last year having amazing, brilliant, genius guys on a Friday afternoon being forbidden to touch anything on our car.

“That’s what they are paid for, that’s why they are the best. It was a bit sad, because they have much more to bring to the table than just one or two clicks of front flap and tyre pressure.

“F1 is the top of engineering, and I think it’s great we still give them the opportunity to always make these continuous improvements through the weekend.”

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