Max Verstappen responds to Mario Andretti’s Indy 500 invitation

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen speaks to the media. Baku April 2023.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen speaks to the media ahead of the weekend. Azerbaijan April 2023.

Max Verstappen has ruled out participating in the Indy 500, despite an offer from Mario Andretti.

America’s most famous race took place last weekend and while there were plenty of ex-F1 faces there, no current driver was spotted in Indianapolis as it clashed with the Monaco Grand Prix.

While switching between the series was quite common, with the Indy 500 even occupying an official round of the F1 season during the early days, drivers moving over seems to happen less frequently these days. Romain Grosjean is one of the more recent examples having moved from Haas to IndyCar in 2021 and it would appear only Fernando Alonso has an interest having competed in the 2017 and 2020 editions of the Indy 500.

Mario Andretti, who won the race in 1969, wants to change that and is seeking to tempt F1’s current biggest star, Verstappen, over to the US.

Speaking to Ziggo Sport at the Indy 500, Andretti revealed his plans for how he intends to convince Verstappen to make the move.

“Motor racing is a big happy family, if you will, all the different disciplines. But for me, I was interested and curious about riding it all, as you can see. I had the passion for all the top disciplines in our sport. And I’ve friends everywhere.

“So one of these days, I’m going to speak with Max Verstappen after he wins eight World Championships to come here and win the Indy 500!”

Participating in other series does look to be in Verstappen’s future but any IndyCar fans should not get their hopes up with the Dutchman confirming ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix that he has no interest.

“No, I respect them a lot,” he told the media in Barcelona. “I have some friends of mine doing it, but not at the moment, no.” recommends

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It is not the first time Verstappen has poured cold water on the prospect of him competing in IndyCar and his thoughts on the series date as far back to 2018 when he put himself in a bit of hot water by suggesting he may try IndyCar and Le Mans when he was “old and slow.”

Last year he again reiterated he has no desire to compete, this time citing the potential injuries and it being “not worth it anymore.”

“I’ve no desire to chase the Triple Crown. At least, not Indy,” he said in May 2022. “I appreciate what they do. It’s insane, these drivers. … I have a lot of respect for what they achieve there, but for me, especially being in F1 for such a long time already, I don’t need to risk my life there and potentially injure myself, your legs, whatever. It’s just not worth it anymore, let’s say like that.”