Max Verstappen net worth: How the World Champion has built his incredible fortune

The net worth of Max Verstappen is predicted within a wide range.

Max Verstappen has widespread interests outside F1, that stay within the realms of motorsport.

Max Verstappen is one of Formula 1’s highest-paid drivers, and has seen his net worth skyrocket in recent years as a result of this combined with his on-track success.

Estimates for the Red Bull driver’s actual net worth vary extremely widely, with some websites such as placing it around the $90million mark, as per, going up to as much as $210million as of December 2023, per CAKnowledge.

But what is probable is that Verstappen’s fortune is increasing all the time, with the Dutchman commanding what is widely reported to be the highest salary in Formula 1 and, with Monaco being his home, he will not be forced to pay federal income tax on it.

How has Max Verstappen built up his considerable fortune?

Prominent business magazine Forbes projected Verstappen earned more than any other driver in the 2023 season, with a $50m base salary supplemented with $20m in bonuses to create a $70m income from his team – with 19 race victories on his way to a third World Championship in a run of unprecedented success in a single season.

While that is Verstappen’s primary form of income, with Red Bull signing him to a mammoth seven-year contract after his first World title in 2021, he has also supplemented it with a couple of business opportunities which he has started up in recent years.

Verstappen’s love of sim racing is well-known, often taking part in virtual events in his spare time with global Team Redline, with that team having now been rebranded as Red Bull Racing after a multi-year partnership was announced between the two in late 2023. recommends

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These exploits have been taken into the real world too, with Racing having made its first steps in GT racing through the GT World Challenge Sprint in 2023, alongside the highly-competitive DTM series and through sponsoring his father Jos in rallying.

While driver Thierry Vermeulen was running in a Verstappen-liveried car for Emil Frey Racing, the Formula 1 World Champion hopes to take further steps and set up his own bona fide racing team in the near future.

When asked about his ambitions in this area, Verstappen told Dutch publication Formule 1 Magazine in 2023: “We are working hard on that at the moment.

“The next step is to have our own GT3 team. Next year is quite tight, but I want it as soon as possible. A GT3 team in 2025, that should be able to fit. With at least two cars then.

“The phase of planning is over, we are already in action mode.”

Max Verstappen’s private jet and other assets

Alongside an extensive car collection that reportedly includes, or has included, the likes of an Aston Martin Valkyrie, Renault R.S.01 and more than one Ferrari, Verstappen is also said to have bought a private jet to get him between race weekends.

The Dassault Falcon 900EX formerly owned by Richard Branson is Verstappen’s preferred mode of travel to get him between Grands Prix in both luxury and privacy, with reports claiming he spent between $12m and $16m on the plane.

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