‘Shorter season could work for Max’s title bid’

Date published: April 9 2020 - Michelle Foster

Max Verstappen RB16 pa

Max Verstappen could be the biggest winner if Formula 1 has a short season with Nico Rosberg saying it could play into his hands.

This year’s Formula 1 World Championship is yet to get underway with the earliest start France’s June 28th grand prix.

However, that has yet to be set in stone.

One by one venues have either cancelled or postponed their races with Canada joining that list earlier this week.

That brought the number of postponed races to seven while two others, Australia and Monaco, have been cancelled.

Formula 1 bosses are still hoping that when the season does finally begin the sport will have a 19-race calendar, although it could be as short as eight.

Eight grands prix are all that is needed to be classified a World Championship.

And eight could be what hands Verstappen a first Drivers’ title.

“It increases the chances of there being a surprise champion if there’s fewer races because then of course luck plays a bigger role,” Rosberg told Sky Sports.

“I always thought that Red Bull and Max Verstappen were really going to be in the hunt this year and really be able to annoy Mercedes in a big way and give them a run for their money.

“If there was a shorter season maybe his chances would be even bigger.”

Last season Verstappen took three race wins – Austria, Germany, Brazil – on his way to third place in the Drivers’ Championship.

It was the Red Bull racer’s best finish in the standings.

However, his points tally, 278, was a long way off Lewis Hamilton’s title-winning 413 points, the Mercedes driver securing a sixth Drivers’ title last year.

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