Inside Max Verstappen’s ‘basically empty’ nightclub celebrations after Las Vegas GP win

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen, dressed casually, smiles during an off-season event after the 2023 F1 championship.

Max Verstappen smiling.

Max Verstappen offered an insight into his “great night” out after winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix, having almost a “private club” after others left already.

Verstappen did not speak too highly of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, going as far as to call it “99 per cent show, one per cent sport”, making it clear the glitz and glamour was not for him.

On the track though Verstappen proved a perfect fit for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, this the scene of his 18th grand prix win of the season, a campaign where he claimed 19 overall.

Max Verstappen enjoys ‘great night’ celebrating Las Vegas GP win

It was the early hours of the morning by the time Verstappen and Co hit the clubs to celebrate becoming the first Las Vegas Grand Prix winner, at which point most other people had left the scene.

The stage was set then for a night out which Verstappen very much enjoyed, including “raving on” Checo [Sergio Perez] chants that broke out from the small public contingent still left standing.

“I arrived into the club and it was basically empty,” said Verstappen on Red Bull’s ‘Talking Bull’ podcast.

“But it was late, I guess people already had been partying the whole week, so people are tired.

“But actually it ended up great, because I was with friends, family, and then Martin Garrix, a friend of mine, he was playing and it was just our table. Honestly, like, just a great, great night.

“And there were no other people celebrating. It was more like a private club.” recommends

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Verstappen’s voice was already warmed up by a rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ as he crossed the line to claim victory, explaining that he could not leave team boss Christian Horner hanging when he started playing the music over the radio.

The fact the mic was so close to his mouth, Verstappen joked was the excuse for the poor singing.

After the podcast host joked Verstappen’s singing was good, he replied: “Yeah, you think there’s a career after F1?

“I blame my mic, it’s like against my lips, so I can’t fully express my vocal cords. No, it was absolutely shocking.

“I mean I got pushed into it by Christian again, and I mean, I can’t leave him hanging right? So I have to do it.”

Verstappen stormed his way to a third World Championship in F1 2023, his final points tally of 575 points more than double that of Red Bull team-mate and Championship runner-up Perez.

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