Verstappen ‘not too worried’ about Red Bull future

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has said he is “not too worried” about his future at the moment despite Red Bull lagging behind in the top three race of late.

Since the summer break, Ferrari and Mercedes are the ones battling for race victories whilst Verstappen and Red Bull have been forced into a minor role battling for minor honours.

Verstappen, who had engine penalties to overcome in his rather lonely race to a P4 finish in Sochi, cut a particularly frustrated after the event.

“I was not really disappointed but I was also, of course, not very happy but I think that’s pretty normal,” Verstappen replied when asked in the FIA press conference at Suzuka about how patient he will be with Red Bull-Honda before looking at other options.

“For me it was a pretty boring race, you know.

“I think you will always sound happier when you win or you have a really exciting race and you finish on the podium and of course maybe the last few races they have not been our strongest, but I believe we can do better and we are working very hard of course to make that happen.

“I think it would be wrong if I would come out of the race in Sochi and be very happy to the cameras, so we just keep pushing very hard and for the future, I don’t know.

“I’m not too worried about it [my future].

“I just want to win and I will do my very best all the time and so is the team trying to do so. Yeah, let’s see.”

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