Max Verstappen makes very firm declaration on end of F1 career

Thomas Maher
Max Verstappen, dressed casually, smiles during an off-season event after the 2023 F1 championship.

Max Verstappen smiling.

Max Verstappen’s here for a good time, not a long time, with the Dutch driver revealing when he expects to have left F1 behind.

Verstappen has always been quite blunt about the fact he doesn’t expect to have a particularly long F1 career, having entered the sport as F1’s youngest-ever driver when he made his debut at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix at just 17 years old.

Having reached unfathomed levels of success in the years since as he’s just wrapped up his third world title, it may even be a case that Verstappen is already in the second half of his F1 career – the Dutch driver has been open about seeking out other racing challenges before he gets too old.

Max Verstappen: In 10 years, I’ll be gone from F1

Verstappen’s current contract in Formula 1 runs until the end of 2028, having signed a long-term extension with Red Bull to keep him at the team he’s raced for since the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

The possibility is, of course, that Verstappen may choose not to continue beyond that contract – particularly if Red Bull slip away from the front of F1 – but the three-time World Champion has already decided that, for definite, he won’t be on the grid 10 years from now, ie. 2033.

Speaking in an interview with Swiss publication Blick, Verstappen was asked to make a prediction about where F1 might be in 10 years’ time, with Verstappen offering his thoughts on how the sport might have evolved – even if he’s not on the grid to enjoy it.

“The gasoline will probably be gone,” he said, referring to the increasing shift towards alternative and sustainable fuels.

“But our sport is already becoming greener and more sustainable. Only one thing is certain: Max Verstappen will no longer be there!” recommends

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Max Verstappen: F1 requires you to give everything

While Verstappen remains fully focused on F1 for now, he is wary of when he feels his commitment may waver, having already previously said that he wouldn’t want to compete if he knew he wasn’t giving it his all.

To that end, Verstappen reiterated how commitment is the number one word when it comes to his approach to Formula 1.

“You always have to give everything for this sport at the crucial moment,” he said.

At the conclusion of 2021, Verstappen appeared to have already satisfied the goals he had set himself when he entered the sport, having clinched a title for the first time. But, two years later, he and Red Bull have become the dominant force in F1 and, now with three titles to his name, Verstappen admitted his ‘vision’ for his career has evolved.

“That’s true. My vision has changed,” he said.

“Why shouldn’t I win when I have the opportunity?”

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