Max: RB16 issues exaggerated by the media

Mark Scott
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Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen thinks Red Bull’s problems with their RB16 car were “made bigger” than they actually were by the media.

Throughout the course of the 2020 season, many comments were made with regards to how difficult it was for the RB16 to be hooked up around the track due to the twitchy rear end of the car.

While Verstappen was able to master the tricky car, team-mate Alex Albon was not able to extract a similar amount of performance on a consistent basis and it resulted in him losing his seat for the 2021 season.

But, while the RB16 was obviously no match for the Mercedes W11, Verstappen thinks the car’s drawbacks were somewhat exaggerated by the press.

“I think it’s [the car’s problems] were made bigger in the media,” Verstappen told

“We had the second fastest car.

“I think there are a lot worse cars to drive out there.

“We had a few spins and stuff in pre-season and when you drive on the limit, the car is not easy to drive. Maybe ours is a bit harder compared to Mercedes, but it’s probably better than Williams’.

Max Verstappen felt Red Bull's strategy could have been better in Bahrain.

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Verstappen became very familiar with finishing behind the two Mercedes drivers in 2020, but he said he did not become frustrated by the experience despite feeling powerless at times.

“I think it was better than 2019 again, just a bit more consistent,” Verstappen said of his own performances.

“But, yeah, I’ve been on my own for a few races … I just like to chase Mercedes! The car wasn’t bad, but of course we were still a bit short of Mercedes.”

“I’m not frustrated, just a bit powerless sometimes. I’m still trying to get the best result out of it, which I think we did most of the time. So I think that’s good.”

Verstappen had already recently singled out critics of Red Bull for not properly taking the fight to Mercedes in another interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

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