Max Verstappen and Red Bull continue to get the better of Fernando Alonso

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Red Bull and Max Verstappen celebrate his 2023 Drivers' title, the third of his career..

Red Bull and Max Verstappen celebrate his 2023 Drivers' title.

Max Verstappen’s run of victories continued on Sunday night as the Dutchman was voted Autosport’s International Racing Driver of the Year ahead of Fernando Alonso.

Verstappen and Red Bull swept to the Formula 1 championship titles in a record-breaking season for the driver and the team.

With 19 wins in 22 races and 21 podiums, Verstappen rewrote Formula 1’s record books with his 575 points enough to single-handedly secure the Constructors’ Championship ahead of Mercedes.

Max Verstappen and the RB19 win big

Meanwhile, the Red Bull team started the campaign with a run of 15 wins going back to Abu Dhabi 2022 while this year’s RB19 won 21 times in the 22-race season.

It’s no wonder Red Bull swept the biggest prizes.

“Thank you very much for voting me International Racing Driver of the Year,” Verstappen said in a video as he accepted the award.

“Of course, as a team we definitely had an incredible season. It’s something that I’m very proud of and something that I never thought was possible but here we are.

“Incredibly happy and again thank you for your votes.”

He beat Aston Martin F1 driver Alonso, IndyCar champion Alex Palou, and Formula E title winner Jake Dennis to the award.

The RB19 was another big winner, announced as the International Competition Car of the Year Award with Red Bull technical director Pierre Wache accepting that on behalf of the team. recommends

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Christian Horner wins the John Bolster Award

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner counted himself among the winners as he received the John Bolster Award for technical excellence.

The long-serving Red Bull team boss said as per “My wife has played a key role, and all partners do, with 22 races.

“The back end of the year has been particularly tough. To achieve what the team has with 21 wins from 22 races is outstanding.

“It’s been a tough season and we’ve seen a few things happen this year that were incredible.

“I’d like to congratulate Gianpiero Lambiase this year on what he has achieved with Max, putting up with grumpy Max on occasion.”

Previous winners include Roger Penske, Ross Brawn, Sir Patrick Head, Adrian Newey and Toto Wolff.

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