Max Verstappen reveals where Red Bull RB20 is ‘not that great’ after dominant Bahrain win

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Max Verstappen celebrates Bahrain GP win

Max Verstappen has revealed the Red Bull RB20's one weakness.

Despite winning the Bahrain Grand Prix by 22s in a Red Bull 1-2, Max Verstappen has revealed his RB20 does have a weakness and that is “one-lap performance”.

Verstappen dominated Saturday night’s Bahrain Grand Prix as he raced from lights to flag to secure the season-opening win by a whopping 22s over his nearest rival, Sergio Perez.

Max Verstappen reveals Red Bull’s owe weakness

Barring one extremely brief challenge from Charles Leclerc on the opening lap, the Dutchman had a lonely race, pitting from P1 and exiting still in P1.

It has rivals worried this season could see a repeat of 2023’s 21 wins in 22 races for Red Bull, and they could even go one better.

However, Verstappen has given them a glimmer, dull as it is, of hope as he says his RB20 does have one weakness and that’s qualifying.

Although he did claim pole position by 0.2s ahead of Leclerc, it was thought after testing that his margin would be a lot bigger.

“I do think that we are just not that great on one-lap performance for whatever reason with the car,” he said. “But luckily it’s very good in the race for most tracks.

“Naturally, of course, you focus a little bit more on the race, but yeah, it just seems like other teams can maybe extract a little bit more over one lap than us for whatever reason. So that’s what we’ll look at for the coming races.

“But yeah, I really think that also just… The circumstances today [the race] with the wind helped us out a bit more compared to the last two days. So probably it was not in our favour with how the car is responding at the moment.” recommends

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Reigning champ happy there aren’t more ‘Singapores’ on the calendar

With that in mind the reigning World Champion is happy there aren’t too many “Singapores” on the calendar.

Last season a wretched showing in qualifying where he was only 11th resulted in Verstappen’s only race off the podium. It was also the only Grand Prix that Red Bull didn’t win with Carlos Sainz P1.

“This weekend, of course, I think in the race, we’re still very strong,” Verstappen added.

“But if you look at qualifying, I, of course, put it on pole. But the fastest lap was done in Q2 by Charles, you know.

“So over one lap, I don’t think it’s that straightforward. And every track is different.

“So maybe we rock up in Jeddah and you have a different feeling. And naturally, on tracks with lower degradation, teams will be closer.

“And yeah, luckily, we don’t have too many Singapores on the calendar. Otherwise, it might be a bit of a struggle for us. But let’s see this year if it’s a bit better on street circuits as well.”

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