Max Verstappen responds after chorus of Miami Grand Prix boos

Michelle Foster
Sergio Perez goes to congratulate race winner Max Verstappen. Miami May F1 2023

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen offer their congratulations.

Booed by a faction of the crowd at the Miami Grand Prix, Max Verstappen says that’s just means he’s winning as no one boos the person “driving in the back”.

Walking out in front of the crowd as LL Cool J introduced him to the Miami fans while conducted an orchestra, Verstappen was booed by a section of the crowd.

There was more of the same after the grand prix when the Red Bull driver, having raced his way from ninth on the grid to first at the chequered flag, was again jeered when he stood on the podium.

The driver insists it doesn’t bother him, after all he gets to take the winner’s trophy home.

“I think if I will be driving in the back nobody will be even doing anything in terms of reaction. Right?” he said.

“I think it’s normal when you’re winning and they don’t like who is winning.

“So this is something for me which is absolutely fine as long as I stand on the top, that’s for me the most important. I take the trophy home and they go back to their houses and they can have a nice evening.” recommends

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Sunday’s victory marked Red Bull’s fifth of the season with four of those coming from 1-2 results to give the team a 122-point lead in the Constructors’ Championship while Verstappen is 14 points ahead of Perez in the Drivers’ standings.

The Milton Keynes team’s rivals are hoping to at least close the gap out on track if not in the standings next time out at Imola with Mercedes and Ferrari promising big upgrades.

Verstappen isn’t all worried, saying Red Bull have a “decent advantage, especially in the race.”

“I think over one lap in some tracks, definitely some cars will be close or in front, like you could see in Baku,” he added.

“But yeah, that race pace advantage, I think is quite big at the moment.

“But yeah, it’s not like the others are bringing new bits and we’re just standing still, right? So hopefully we can just keep it going like we’re doing now.”