Max Verstappen shows off hidden talent: ‘I could be in the Cirque du Soleil!’

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen laughing in the paddock. Canada June 2022

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen laughing in the paddock. Canada June 2022

We already know that Max Verstappen is brilliant at driving a Formula 1 car, but it turns out he has another impressive talent.

The demand of the Formula 1 schedule means that pursuing outside hobbies is not always the easiest of tasks, unless it is virtual racing, which the teams certainly will not mind their drivers getting involved in at all.

Verstappen is pretty damn good at that as well, a server glitch or questionable crash damage sometimes the only thing that can hold him back.

But Verstappen’s Red Bull team would reveal a further talent that their driver possesses, and this one has very little to do with racing. It turns out that Verstappen is rather good at juggling.

A Red Bull social media video would show Verstappen demonstrating his juggling skills for the camera, and he already is eyeing up where that skill could take him.

Why not aim for the top? If the iconic Cirque du Soleil is hiring, then Verstappen is your guy!

“If the Cirque du Soleil needs someone, I’m ready,” Verstappen declared.

Looking to back up his words with actions, it caught the eye of Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez, who said: “That’s pretty good! Are you ready for the circus?”

Well, Verstappen sure believes he is well on the way to that.

“Yeah! I can be in Cirque du Soleil,” he reiterated.

Perhaps all of the reaction training which Verstappen and all racing drivers do has helped to get these juggling skills on point?

Either way, considering that Verstappen has regularly discussed his future in Formula 1, casting doubt over him remaining in the series after his Red Bull deal ends in 2028, perhaps the Cirque du Soleil could be his next stop? recommends

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The Dutchman certainly has plenty of time to sharpen his skills further, with Formula 1 now into a break which lasts almost a month, the next stop on the F1 2023 calendar being the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the end of April.

And Verstappen goes into that race as the Drivers’ Championship leader, having already further demonstrated this season that his Formula 1 talents are far from spent, taking two wins and two pole positions during the opening three rounds.

His most recent victory, and first Australian GP triumph, put him 15 points clear of Perez at the top of the Drivers’ Championship.