Verstappen: Banking adds ‘new dimension’ to Zandvoort

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen says the banking adds a "new dimension" to Zandvoort.

Max Verstappen says the banking adds a "new dimension" to Zandvoort.

Max Verstappen believes the banking introduced to Circuit Zandvoort adds a “new dimension” and will give drivers different lines to take.

The return of the Dutch Grand Prix this year will likely bring a party atmosphere to the Formula 1 calendar with Verstappen’s army of fans now having a home race of their own.

As part of the upgrades to the track, its famous Hugenholtz and Arie Luyendyk corners have been transformed with banking.

Verstappen was the first driver to sample the redesigned circuit in a 2012 RB8, and he believes the banking bring a “new dimension” to the track, and will force drivers to take different lines based on their tyre wear.

“I have always found it a super circuit to drive, but the banking definitely adds a new dimension to it,” he is quoted by

“I think you can drive different lines through those banked corners, so that’s a good thing. It has to do with the tyres as well.

“On new tyres you can take a shorter line. But on older tyres, you have to make sure you have a good exit, so you might have to stay a bit higher in that final corner.”

The Arie Luyendyk banked corner serves as the last of the lap and will send drivers thundering onto the main straight – it should be driven flat out with the current generation of cars such is their level of downforce.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy corner Verstappen warned.

“It’s a really interesting corner,” he said.

“Everyone thinks ‘oh it’s flat-out anyway, so it’s quite easy’, but you have to take the DRS and all the forces released by the banking into account as well. So all in all I think it’s a pretty challenging corner.”

Verstappen has already expressed some concern about the Dutch GP and doesn’t want to be bombarded like Daniel Ricciardo is at his home race in Australia.

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