Max Verstappen’s hatred of F1’s ‘pomp and bull****’ made clear by Christian Horner

Michelle Foster
Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez on stage for the opening ceremony.

Max Verstappen was not impressed with the opening ceremony for the Las Vegas GP.

Criticised by Martin Brundle for his lack of enthusiasm over the opening ceremony in Las Vegas, Christian Horner says Max Verstappen hates “the pomp and b*******” that goes with being a Formula 1 driver.

The Formula 1 drivers took part in a lavish opening ceremony at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit on Wednesday night where Kylie Minogue, and John Legend to name a few belted out their tunes.

On a night that included a performance from Cirque du Soleil and a light show, the drivers were introduced to the fans as they stepped out onto individual team stages.

Christian Horner defends Max Verstappen’s hatred of the razzmatazz

A big Hunger Game-esque as noted on on social media, it’s safe to say Verstappen did not enjoy his time under the lights.

“For me, you can skip this,” said the reigning World Champion. “We are just standing up there, looking like a clown. I mean, yeah…

“I’m also not going to fake it, I just always voice my opinion on positive things and negative things. That’s just how I am.

“Some people like the show a bit more, I don’t like it at all.”

Brundle, though, all but told him to keep his opinion to himself.

“If he doesn’t like it, I’m not sure he needs to say anything at all,” the former F1 driver turned Sky Sports pundit said.

“I was a bit disappointed with that, because standing on a rostrum coming up and waving, a lot of adulation from the fans, it’s not the worst job in the world is it? recommends

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“It’s not that difficult. You’re not on shift work or down the mines or something. So I don’t understand why he feels so negative about it.”

However, according to Verstappen’s team boss Horner it’s quite simply because he hates the razzmatazz.

“What you’ve got to understand is that Max is a racing driver,” the Briton explained to Sky Sports.

“He hates all the pomp and bulls*** that goes with being a Formula 1 driver. He just wants to drive the car.

“He doesn’t crave fame or adulation or anything like that.

“And I think that he’s just a bit uncomfortable with, if you like, the showbiz element that’s introduced to this race.”

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